Washed my pipe..

Discussion in 'General' started by MihoSayuri, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. and it tastes like soap,
    after rinsing it fifty times.


    I'm sure I didn't clean it correctly, I'm not really sure how to.
    Beginning toker. :rolleyes:
  2. hahaha you're not supposed to use soap.
  3. fill the pipe with salt OR rice, mixed WITH isopropol rubbing alcohol. Then seal all the openings (I just put my fingers over them) and shake for a few minutes. pour, rinse with water, and repeat. when you are done, rinse everything left out with pure water.
  4. I realized that as soon as I put soap on it.

  5. hah one of my friends, who is a girl, and new to toking did that not too long ago.. really tasted like shit.
  6. Dude, I had to dump my weed in my bong after like two hits because I wanted to puke. ughh.
  7. lol

    try this, put hot water and 2 slices of lemon and sqeeze in there and shake it up and it will clean it away,
    how does that work?? well lemon has acid in it so it burns anything

    it works for me and when u smoke it, mmm lemon taste
  8. Two ziploc bags, one inside the other.

    Insert pipe, add rubbing alcohol (91% preferably), and salt. Seal both bags well and shake, shake, shake.

    Be carfeul not to toss it across the room.

  9. bad incident i bet

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