Wash. Delegation: Feds Should Respect Pot Law

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  1. Seven members of Washington's congressional delegation have asked the U.S. government to respect the state's marijuana legalization effort and provide guidance about the industry's fate.
    Associated Press
    \nOLYMPIA, Wash. -
    Seven members of Washington's congressional delegation have asked the U.S. government to respect the state's marijuana legalization effort and provide guidance about the industry's fate.
    In a letter released Tuesday, the members of Congress asked the Department of Justice to not pre-empt the new law or prosecute residents acting in compliance with state law. While Washington voters approved an initiative last year to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, the substance remains illegal under federal law.
    "We urge DOJ to expeditiously announce a course of action that will respect the will of these voters, and to work cooperatively with our states during the implementation of these laws," the lawmakers wrote.
    The letter was signed by all of the state's Democratic members of Congress, except for U.S. Rep. Rick Larsen. None of the state's Republican representatives signed the letter.
    Larsen spokesman Bryan Thomas noted that marijuana remained illegal under federal law and that the Department of Justice is responsible for enforcing federal law.
    "Congressman Larsen believes the state must work with the Department of Justice to determine a way forward," Thomas said.
    Washington officials are in the process of developing rules for a system that would produce, distribute and sell marijuana. Marijuana sales in Washington should begin in early 2014 unless DOJ does something to stop it.
    In acknowledgment of the potential for federal officials to challenge the law, Washington state leaders have been working to craft a heavily regulated system. That includes tracking the product from seed to store to prevent any from entering the black market. The state is also working to determine how much legal weed should be produced so that there is not any excess.
    Errrrrrriccccc Hollllllllllderrrrrrrr?  Has anyone seen Eric Holder?  Where is that Holder guy? :confused_2:

  2. And every legislator that did not sign the letter should be job hunting come next election,,unless the voters in their district did not vote for legalization,,the people spoke and apparently the Republicans were not listening,,one Democrat failed to get the message also,,he needs to go fishing.
    I foresee a long a loud political season coming up.
  3. Exactly, my rep is one that did not sign, so therefore, no vote plain and simple.

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  4. I'm starting to really feel more democratic all the time.i bet they feel like it will be repealed and look at as a crazy thing in a few years and dont want to put thier names out on a limb.
  5. Armory I can think of a few politicians that need to be "out on a limb",,,hanging from it.
    Every politician from WA that did not sign the letter should be job hunting after the next election,,regardless of how popular or effective a politician they are,,they have a disconnect on a government of the people,for the people,by the people and without that basic concept they don't belong in DC.
    The "people" of WA voted the legalization of marijuana and any politician that does not do everything in their power to give the people what they want is serving someone else.
  6. My only problem with this letter is that the states should not be "asking" the federal government anything, they should be asserting their rights to make laws in their state. Simply put Washington should have announced that it would impede and block any federal efforts to prosecute their citizens on the basis of pot laws.
  7. I hate politicians. I was gonna add more but fuck it. And politics. They say fuck the people, I say fuck them.
    You should also send him an email telling him that, so he knows people are watching......
  9. FYI
    Here's a link to an interactive map from the Seattle Times that shows the county by county results for I 502
    There were 19 counties that voted NO  -
    10 of the counties voted No  by 55% or more
    Some of the counties that voted heavily against it were:
     Walla Walla (55 -45)
    Adams, (61 - 39 )
    Franklin (61 - 39)
    Garfield (62 - 38) 
    SO if your rep is from these counties, they probably feel pretty safe not signing the letter...... 
  10. I am in Spokane County where it passes 52-48. I've already sent Rep. Cathy McMorris a letter asking her opinion on this matter. Not only does she not support recreational but is completely against mmj and feels it is a fraud. I then sent her a reply letting her know she isn't REPRESENTING (Isn't that what our Reps. are supposed to do?) the will of the citizens in her district and therefore will not be getting my vote in the future.

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  11. Sadly, it will take all congressmen and women in all the states to get the feds to calm down.
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    There is one committee with the power to turn of the war on Drugs,,the Ways and Means Committee and they don't have to take a vote in congress to shut off funding to the ONDCP,,,the only way that will probably ever happen is if the costs of legalization efforts becomes unsustainable,,not just in the US but in every country around the world because in order to spy on other countries and maintain a competitive market they need the war on drugs,,besides the hundreds of thousand dead and displaced farming families lucky enough to live close to a marijuana patch or coca grove,,the chemicals the DEA was having them spray didn't care if it was pot or corn,,all this is costing the US billions in repairs.
    It is not just the costs of busting dispensaries but also the cost of having to send funding to Mexico now because they are putting legislation in for legalization of marijuana in Mexico City.
    While they kiss the DEA's ass on the war on marijuana how much do you think it will be worth with legal pot in Mexico? And how will they feel  about eradicating pot farming in Mexico then?
    PS: a buddy dropped by with some of his,,had to edit this damn thing three times,,,and it sounded so good the first time but half of it was still inside my head.

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