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  1. Went in for a possible heart attack on Thursday and came back today to find these. If you guys can let me know what you think it is.
    I think it looks like a Nitrogen Def. Wind Burn, Heat burn and possible Calcium Def. The one with the white specks I don't know- there are no white specks under the leafs. Any help would be appreciated.

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  2. I know the one plant is showing Mag def but as for the darken spotted is it a virus of some sort?

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  3. Kindof looks like bugs. also looks like you started from clones and ive had quite a few clones yellow up pretty good when first planted but come back nice
  4. The droopy leaves and little spots makes me think bugs also looks a little like it could be burns from little water drops
  5. I had nute burn after Transplant some time ago- I flushed them and then left them alone for a couple of days- outdoors during the day and in at night. The last few days I was unable to put them out because I was in the hospital. When I was out I told my wife to water the one as I knew it needed watering. When I returned I watered them all as they all looked like this. I added calmag and veg nutes and now hoping they bounce back. For the other leaves that look like a virus I cut them off. They seem to be going pretty fast though. Ph and ppm’s are perfect - in watering and run off. The light I rose- it is a 320w qb turned down to 110w. I have a fan blowing lightly and the temps are steady at 25 degrees Celsius and the humidity at 65%. I think I’ll put them out tomorrow as the weather is suppose to be good and hope for the best as they seem to do better under the sun.

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  6. As for the spots I looked at them with a 60x magnification and they are discolouration of the leaves- I thought maybe slight surface wind burn. There is nothing under any of the leaves and just on that one.

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