Was what my coworker said about pot ignorant?

Discussion in 'General' started by Bluephoria, Mar 12, 2016.

  1. At my job I have a few co-workers from Africa and I work a lot with one of them, who comes from East Africa. He's a nice guy for the most part, I think he's trying to do good, but then he said things about marijuana that I found to be to a bit ignorant and ridiculous.

    I had a brief conversation about him with weed, and he said "that will kill you!" in his heavy accent. I tried to tell him it's not dangerous but I feel like he missed that. He's fairly old, in his 60s, and while I want to get along with him, his comments on weed were ridiculous, especially as he chews tobacco and spits everywhere but he made several other bad comments about weed saying it's a dangerous drug.

    Strangely enough, a lot of my other co-workers were ex-weed smokers but I don't think they've talked to him about weed, just me. I didn't talk about it much with him, but he gave me a hard time about the subject of pot and he just kept telling me "they tell me it's really bad!" He admits his tobacco habit is bad but for him to say weed is so bad was ridiculous.

    Keep in mind we live in California, where it's more accepted to use weed but there are some people like him.

    So was what he said ignorant and bizarre? I'm guessing it's just the in some African countries drugs, weed or any other drug, are taboo. Maybe the country he's from is just religious, and he told me he's kind of religious, or maybe he's being close minded. I found his comments on weed to be very incorrect and just seem what he heard a few biased people say.
  2. Sure, but who cares? He's your coworker. Keep things civil and work related, you don't need to be best friends.
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  3. Ah don't worry about it.

    Tell him you're advancing to consume marijuana 2.0, ask him to wish you well.
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  4. Fuck 'em.:coolalt:
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  5. He was likely thinking of weed as being correlated as just another 'dangerous drug' that could potentially kill you. Yes, he was ignorant in what he said, but I think it was just good-naturedly so, his way of lookin' out for you or giving you a hard time.

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  6. yes, he does sound ignorant about it. remember cannabis is still relatively new to being accepted as a safe drug. there is still a ton of propaganda out about it. i would let it go. only the march of legalization will dispel the bad connotations that still follow cannabis. also a lot of the times when some one hears contradicting facts to what they believe, and have been told. it creates a confirmation bias which is when one some will hang onto what they "know" and judge that more favorably then the information they are being presented with. even if the presented argument is far more logical.
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  7. Oh wow hypocrite much? He says that he knows his habit is bad yet blindly demonizes Marijuana, fuck this guy. You do not need to be best friends forever with his ass.
  8. There's going. To be things about people you don't like
    You can choose weather to associate yourself with him or not
  9. I'm a little confused why he would even bring this up at work. What's to stop his coworker from reporting him to HR thus triggering a drug test? The work environment isn't the best place to be talking about weed. Especially considering our bipolar drug laws.

    To the OP: Drop the subject and talk about other things. If he continues to bring up how bad it is just change the subject.
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