Was Walt Disney cryogenically frozen?

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  1. "A long-standing urban legend maintains that Disney was cryonically frozen, and his frozen corpse stored beneath the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland."
    \nI believe it is possible that, with his wealth and influence at the time, he was cryogenically preserved. The storage beneath Pirates of the Caribbean sounds imaginative but the actual freezing is plausible imo.
    \nWhat do you think?

  2. No, he was not. 
  3. no he's buried somewhere in California
  4. He was. They've awakened him a few times to consult with him on important matters.

    The last time they woke him was to confirm the purchase of the Star Wars franchise.
  5. That would be crazy if it was true
  6. That would be crazy if it was true
  7. i always thought it was beneath cinderellas castle, but he also has a house in disney world so i think it might be there just because pirates of the caribean is too new for him to hide in.
  8. I heard his head was being frozen so one day scientists could bring him back to life.

    Although it would have made more sense that they could probably cure cancer before they could re-attach a head
  9. There is no viable means of cryogenically storing a person then reanimating them successfully. So no.
  10. People watch too much family guy
  11. No. He from smoking 4-5 packs of unfiltered cigarettes a day. I read this on an urban legends blog.
  12. Nah...he's buried at Forest Lawn. I was there 2 weeks ago lol. 
  13. I don't think cryogenic freezing of humans is a sure-science yet, so it definitely wasn't when that old pervert died.
  14. weird... i thought the illuminati sacrificed him to lucifer
  15. In order to cryogenically freeze someone (in theory), we would need to be able to reach absolute zero. As far as I'm aware, we still aren't able to reach it.

    So... No

  16. ^ honestly i doubt we ever will. The ability to stop all atomic motion just doesn't sound feasible and if you did what would happen? I've always wondered if the parts of the atom would float apart then make a nuclear explosion when reheated but that's just an idea i had when i was 6 :p
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    I lived in Orlando for 6 years, we all thought it was true he was frozen, never heard the Pirates part before though.
  18. That's trippy if he's buried there cuz i have 4 relatives there ...
  19. Wut

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