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Was up

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Heroicly, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. I have been smoking for like 4 months now. i am 18, 6'4, 175 pounds. Tolerence is between .3-.5 to be 'Good!' but still functional. Ive been buying like O's and halfs, of Mid. I want to buy some purp this weekend, How much can I expect to pay for a Half, and how do I need to handle it? (I've heard you dont grind it, don't know if it's true and dont want to ask.) Will be posting pics on sunday, if it looks good, or if you request, and added info for me <3.
  2. Those purps might still be mids-color doesn't automatically indicate quality. If it is good, toss it in a bowl to make the most of it, just don't roll it or grind it. Price vary place by place, but nowhere should you be paying more than 20 a g or 400 an o and hopefully you'll be paying less.

  3. Why wouldn't he grind it? That is down to personal preference.
  4. Why should I grind and why should I not?

  5. Some people grind, some people break it up by hand. Everyone will tell you different things (Do grind for joints/bongs don't grind for bowls etc.) But it all comes down to personal preference. I grind everything I smoke because it lets me more easily decide exactly how much bud I want to smoke, it burns smoother and more even because it allows more airflow, and exposes more surface area on the green itself.

    If you don't have a grinder, drop 10-20 bucks on a nice metal one with a kief catcher (Another benefit of grinding), and try it both ways, you might find that you like rough weed in certain pieces and ground bud in others. Like I said, I grind it all!
  6. Is it ok to do this with purp? I have heard your not suppose to grind it, If its some mid or something I know what to do :p

  7. People say a lot of crazy shit. There is no reason not to grind it unless you prefer not grinding any of your weed. You don't lose THC grinding, there is no chemical difference between hand-broken weed and ground weed, with the notable exception of excess kief gathering in the bottom of the grinder, which I love.

    Like I said, personal preference. If you like grinding your mids, you're going to love grinding your dank.
  8. Thank you that's all I needed to know, will have pics up between friday and sunday :) maybe i'll be chatting with one of u mofo's

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