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Was this worth $40?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DeadliestSnatch, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. I sat next to this kid every day for a semester, and we were kinda friends. He's a dealer, but I'm not sure I can trust him because I don't know him that well, and even though we were kinda friends, he just seems like a shady person. Anyway, I got this from him, and I was wondering if this was worth $40? It's a fourth of some mids he got me. Here are the pics

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Whoops, blazed.

    If it's 2 grams no. If it's an eighth, maybe. Over, probably.
  3. Looks like low-mids.... Sorry but those are truly worthless to me.
  4. #4 budluver, Jun 5, 2010
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    I would say no, but I don't know how scare weed is in your area.

    EDIT: This thread is going to attract a lot of douchebags who say in my area i could get an ounce for that. To keep it simple, you got ripped off but it will get you high so its not a big deal and it wasn't a big buy. I would suggest deleting this thread now.

  5. this. it looks to be O.K. mids, but upon further inspection it doesn't look like 3.5 unless it is dennnnnnnse.
  6. how about something for size comparison.

    my areas you get half oz of zona for 40
  7. Dammit well im gonna send a pic with a lighter next to it in a sec sorry guys
  8. Up in PA i could get that weed for 40 per 1/4 O. Although i dont know prices in your area, But id say 1/8 you lost, 5g its ok, 7g good deal 7g+ and you did pretty well
  9. I'm from PA too where you from?

    Anyway, I was told it was 7 g but I don't have a scale, I'm gonna get one tomorrow though.
  10. It's low grade sold at a high grade price.

  11. Ehh you're probably right. This kid seemed pretty shady I guess I'm not gonna talk to him anymore... :/
  12. Near pottstown, you? But if it was the bud i have ( same density, etc.) it looks like an 1/8, maybe a little more. And 1/8 will usually fill up the bottom of a sandwich bag the width of like your middle finger. If the shit was nice it would be a deal, but it looks like the run of the mill 20 an 1/8 mids.
  13. #14 bigdub7487, Jun 5, 2010
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    i think thats about fair. once you weigh it you can really tell. pictures and asking people can't really help. but yes... this thread will be about 5 pages long and have 95% of the posters hate on you and say you got ripped.
  14. Bethlehem. Once I weigh this and if I find out I was lied to, this kid is done.
  15. Yo, bro im from PA also i live in the Lehigh Valley im 15 minutes from allentown hahah whatever id smoke that :smoke:
  16. Nice! I live in Bethlehem Township, but right on the border near easton. Anyway, yeah I'm prob gonna smoke it anyway haha
  17. Haha I get quarters of that for $20. Not everyone can get it that cheap but that's a little too little quantity and/or quality under any circumstances in my books.

  18. yo im in ambler do u know where that is ?

  19. Damn ill be going through there this weekend to get to jersey. I78!! haha do you hit up utopia?

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