Was this weed laced???

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  1. Idiot frend got it for 80.00 an eighth(4 twenty bags he bought which equaled an eigth he sed.) Took two rly small hits and barely inhaled them cuz i was afraid it was laced. It had a small square clear thing on one of the buds with an occasioinal really shiny thing reflecting in the light that wasn't the crystals. Anyway i barely inhaled any and got a full blown head high w/o the weed effects: rapid heartbeat,etc. In fact my heart was beating slower and i was pretty calm. My friend took the first hits each time and started seeing weird thiongs and sed he had never been so high. He took one hit. Also there was small weird black stuff on very top of the bud that would scrape off. There was only a very small amount of this stuff though and it seemed kind of hard not brittle and dusty like ash/resin. Im very concerned, what was in this weed??????:confused:
  2. sigh..

    laced weed OMG!! :eek:

    how are we supposed to know with just a description?
    my guess is it was probably not laced, you're just not used to being high

  3. For 80 dollars an 1/8th it very well could have been laced. Everyone on here always says how the dealer loses money by lacing weed, but you damn sure arent just selling regular ass weed for 80 dollars a cut. Was this shit dank looking? or was it some normal looking weed n thats why you were suspicous of the 80 dollar price tag. It very well could have been some dank ass weed, i've had bud that got me blowed off of one hit, it was white widow that this kid i know rented a house for the sole purpose of growing. At the time i was a fairly seasoned toker as well, smoking weed everyday.
  4. My male intuition tells me it was laced.

    It was laced. :smoke:

    But on the reals... I doubt it, but it could of been. Nobody on here can tell you a definite answer.
  5. theres no way we can tell you it's laced

    da fuck? stop trolling bra or spamming.

  6. oh yes a laced thread...oh how i miss this shit :)
  7. my thoughts exactly.
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    Grit weed?

    I've heard of small glass shards or sand in weed before... to add weight I would guess. Do you live in Canada or overseas? God I hope I never see grit weed here in America...
  9. Oh god. Not a grit warning again. Who the hell buys an eigth for $80 anyways? I can understand up to like $65.

    I doubt its laced.


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