Was this waitress being a bitch?

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  1. Had the munchies after class and went to get pizza. I go to sit down in a booth that sits 4, and the 1 waitress there says, "Sir, can you move into another booth". Mind you that there are 8 other different booths (2 + 4 People). So I sit down in the new booth. The waitress didn't seem into her job and just wanted to get it down. She brought me my water and did not even offer a refill or bring a new one during the whole time I'm there.

    Then, the chef brings out my slices, god knows why. Not once during the time I was eating did she ask how the food was or if I needed anything. The 5 seconds I saw the chef was better than my whole experience with this broad. I finish my pizza and am trying to savage the melted ice as water, then the waitress starts reaching over me and clearing my plates. I think she was checking for a tip, which I will touch upon soon. She then came back in a FLASH with the check.

    Finally, I go up to pay. Based on what I told you above and the parts I can't remember, I knew there was no way she was getting a tip. She probably thought she was entitled to get a tip. I kept telling myself to not give in to the tip, she doesn't deserve it. I put a crossed out line in the tip part, had it to her, and bounce. After I handed it to her, she looked right at it, and I could tell she was pissed off. Guess where I am not going back to ....

    Do you guys she was a bitch or did I overact?

    TL;DR: It's not that long of a story, read it
  2. As long as you were respectful to the people in your time there, I don't see why she should deserve a tip. You said you had the munchies, and I know how annoying as fuck high people can be sometimes....
  3. She probably was being a bitch but who cares, if you had the munchies the only thing that should piss you off is if the pizza wasn't dank.
  4. I totally disagree ahah :smoke:

    I was at a restaurant very high with a few friends and the waiter tripped and spilled a drink all over my friend. He was just like "Hey man, its all good, no worries :)" and we tipped him 20%.

    Plus, when you're high enough, it doesnt matter if you ordered a philly cheesesteak and you get chicken nuggets, because MUNCHIES WOO! :yay:
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  5. Fuckkk her, she was being a bitch. Who knows maybe shes had a horrible day though? When I worked at Frisch's a waiter was on an unmentionable (made in shitty labs and highly addictive) and would be a bitch if she hadn't had her fix recently. Maybe she was on drugs!
  6. Sounds like you left no tip because you got no service. Sounds fair to me. :)
  7. Waitresses do expect a tip, but I don't think they always deserve one. What I never knew before I started working in a restaurant is that waitresses get paid like $3 an hour and rely on tips to make money. That being said, they shouldn't go around acting like bitches. Maybe you came in just before they were gonna close? Maybe she just had a long day?...who knows. If I were in your position I probably would have given her a dollar just to be like "I would have tipped you better, but you're a bitch..here's a dolla go fuck yourself"

  8. You should watch this then
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-qV9wVGb38]Reservoir Dogs - Tipping Scene - YouTube[/ame]
  9. Why didn't you just ask for more water?
  10. this... and she was being a cunt, in my books.
  11. [quote name='"married2mj"']Why didn't you just ask for more water?[/quote]

    Yea. Unless you knew that she knew u had no water and still didn't refill that's a bitch.
  12. [quote name='Taylored']Had the munchies after class and went to get pizza.
    Finally, I go up to pay. Based on what I told you above and the parts I can't

    One time at friendlys me and 3 friends had exactly 22 dollars. Order our food and it comes out to like 21.65 dollars and we were gassed that we had enough, until this ignorant waitress buts into our joyness saying "AH HEM AND THE TIP" this made me :mad::confused::eek: all at the same time . Once she walked away I tried so hard to make my friends not give a tip but somehow we got money for a tip i forget

  13. Yea I dont understand why the OP just didn't ask for some more water?

    It pisses me off too when the wait staff doesn't come back, doesn't make sure my drink is always filled. But if my glass is empty and it's been more than a minute I'll ask for another refill.

    All the OP had to do was raise his hand, call her over, get her attention, and he would have got his refill?
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    Total bitch ass nig-ga

  15. When she was getting the plates, she knew. Isn't one of the first things you learn as a waiter/waitress to be on top on people's drinks. I was baked and wanted to get the fuck out of there.
  16. You shoulda spoke with a manager so future costumers wouldnt have to deal with her shit... Or at least wrote on the bill, "you did a horrible fucking job"
  17. Tipping such a silly concept. Well sorry I change my statement America's sense of tipping is just silly. When I visit America I am only tipping if the person puts a little extra effort in. I do not earn my money to pay you for not being nice to me while I pay you.
  18. If a waitress or waiter does not make minimum wage (including tips) the employer must make up the difference. ;)

    Lousy service equals no tip/lousy tip from me, every time.
  19. Aways tip, don't care how horrible the service was. People have good days, and people have bad days, im not going to make some mattriesses life anyharder.

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