Was this scrog'd correctly?

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  1. Hello, I had posted something similar to this a while ago but now my plant has filled out the scrog quite well in my opinion. I like how the outer ring of nodes is taller than the middle allowing more light for the shorter nodes that worked out pretty well. I am wondering if I should keep training the outer ones so they are more even with the middle nodes or if it doesn't even matter at this point.

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  2. That's exactly how my lst plants look lolll.
    The screen is to hold the leaves below and create a matt/canopy and just let flowers go above it.

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  3. depends on how deep are you into flower. I cont to scrog up to 2 weeks into flower.
  4. Yeah you should of vegged for longer to fill out the screen. Anything below the screen get rid of.

    As it stands now tho. Tuck branches if they need tucking. Stop after 2-3 weeks of flower depending on when the stretch finishes.
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