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Was this an Indica or a Sativa High

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by BongRips, Nov 17, 2014.

  1. Hey guys, so yesterday I got pretty baked with my friend. We rolled 2 jays and got pretty fucked. Before I go into this 'story' I'd like to explain some stuff. I'm generally a really social person and when I smoke weed I find myself being kind of anti-social. I guess it's because I'm super relaxed and all I want to do when I'm high is just sit and not talk which sounds pretty stupid. Yesterday the high was different. It was a really good high and I was really social, I could talk normally. Usually when I'm high it's hard for me to speak normally with people but this time I could speak perfectly normal. I was also moving around a lot partially because I had to walk back to my friends house but it wasn't as tiring as it would be on other highs. So my question is. Was this an indica or sativa? Because whatever it was I loved it. I also felt that I could control the high more.

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  2. Sativa. Remember indica is in da couch
  3. yea indica makes me think about life and im quiet, thats sativa
  4. probably a nice sativa :) a nicer uplifting energetic high lol there are a few indicas that do the same though so its always kinda hard to tell

    I find there both the same and the better more uplifting high comes from concentrates and stuff

  5. Sadica.

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