was this a mistake?

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  1. so theres this girl that i dated like 3 years ago and we would fuck all the time. i lost y virginity to her actually. she had slept with like 2 other guys before me. anyways she has been dating this guy that has hepititus c. now she just left my house and i was making out with her almost about to have sex. im pretty high but basically my question is can you get hep c or any heps from making out? :smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke:
  2. google is your friend.
  3. uhhhhhh I would be get checked bro and toss out anything she sat on.

  4. i really would rather talk to stoners then google. fuck google i have grasscity
  5. Probably not but I wouldn't recommend making out with chicks that have hepatitus.

  6. not for sure if she has it. hha but i feel it bro.
  7. you're asking for fairly serious medical advice. stoners may have a good rep as far as med knowledge goes, but get real man. This isn't the place
  8. milk just shot outa my nose.lmfao

  9. hahahaha
  10. I'm guessing they don't teach family life in Ohio
  11. i dont think you can get hep c from saliva. dunno though. unlike you(possibly) i dont have std's lol
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    What the hell his Family Life?

  13. hahaha! Congrats on 420 posts bro! :smoke:
  14. Just dont share needles or drink each others blood and u should b cool
  15. oh is "family life" the new term fore the less than minimal sex ed kids get these days- omg- it just stuns me and aslo upsetting how uninformed education leaves you in this day and age
  16. are you that desperate that you would knowingly get close up with someone you KNOW has something? what. the. fuuuuck? and then you write "was this a mistake?" as if you dont know! man lucky she didnt have herpes and you probably still would of been like damn was that a mistake too?
  17. ^^ This, unless she had an open sore in her mouth, or your fingers as they were slipping into her moistened love cave. :smoke:
  18. You can't get hep C from saliva and you won't even get it from sex unless there is blood involved. But you should have safe sex anyway. HepC is a rotten liver infection and the worst thing about it is you can walk around with it for a long time without knowing, and treatment gets more and more difficult. She probably didn't get HepC from this guy, and she won't give it to you. But she should have herself checked out if she was in contact with his blood.

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