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Was this a lot of weed when I puked?

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by rodgersizsik, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. Ever since I puked, I've been careful in not smoking too much but here is my question, did I really smoke a lot or was it just a weird reaction? Within 1 hour, probably like 45 mins, I smoked 2 medium sized joints and two bowls out of a bong, and the two bowls out of the bongs were huge hits, like one hit and gone. So was that a ton of weed in a short period of time that caused me to puke? If I tried that again do you think I would puke again?

  2. why not just have some respect for the plant.  have a joint or a bong hit and just chill the fuck out.... kids these days....
  3. Why did you puke in the first place ? And to be honest kinda sounds like abuse to me .
    You should spread out you're smoke sessions a bit more instead of smoking a shit load quickly. Plus you dont want your tolerance going sky high, might stop you from enjoying weed altogether
    Respect it , dont abuse it 
  4. P.s - if you're looking to get fucked up (sounds like it) , go buy some psychedelics or alcohol
  5. Dude. Listen to the guy above me. Just smoke a j or a bowl or two. Don't go all tommy chong in front of your buddies. You just waste more. And it's not a game to see how much you can smoke. Enjoy the herb my friend.
  6. Probably got sick from something you ate or drank before smoking. I've never gotten sick from smoking too much in the twenty years I've been smoking. I've seen people get sick after smoking, but it wasn't the smoking that did it. Could be low sugar, didn't eat properly that day, alcohol + smoking, etc. 
    Like Blerg said, you should just try to have a couple hits a chill. No need to be superman and smoke for the sake of smoking. Took me a few years to realize I didn't need to break the world record every time I light up. Now I shoot for regional records and call it a day.
  7. I wasn't trying to abuse it like you are saying, what I always do is just smoke a bowl or two and chill, that night I just felt like getting super baked, I'm not looking to get F'd up like you all are suggesting, I have never even drank or tried any other drug nor do I plan on it, I just wanted to know if that was way too much, and by your answers it definitely seems like it was.
  8. Incase u didn't already know this, the threshold for thc in the brain is pretty low, meaning after one of those joints, the second joint and two bong bowls weren't really doing that much to you. yeah they were getting you higher but the amount of highness each hit delivered you was subsequently less and less. So you would do yourself good if, in the future, you made those bowls/ joints 4 seperate smoke sessions. 
  9. I have noticed that there have been some really douchey comments posted on GC lately. Just because you smoked more or longer than someone else doesn't make you better than them. SMH
  10. Dude respect the plant. Say please and thank you before and after you smoke, and never take a hit with your mouth full.
  11. You're kidding right? Just because he wanted to get super baked or smoked alot at once doesn't mean he is abusing it, all he did was green out. No need to be a dick. You too @[member="Blergs"].
    Bro all you did was green out. Yes, you should probably spread your sessions out a bit, but you were not abusing it like the kids above said. Just enjoy it
  12. I guess I should have added that I smoked those 2 J's with one buddy and then we each took two bowls by ourselves out of the bongs but he's a huge stoner so he was fine. And I really don't get where all the comments about me thinking I am better or cool because I smoked so much are coming from, I just wanted to get super baked as I had never smoked that much before and had no idea what I was in for.
  13. lol that seems like so much work dood. Just face a blunt and you will be alright. 
  14. No I'm not kidding . 

    Anyone who results in vomiting after smoking too much weed too quickly should NOT BE smoking . 
    It's people like this who give weed a bad name.
    Cannabis is therapeutic and should not be disrespected by its users. 
    Anyone looking to "get really baked" or whatever , you might as well go sniff glue something.
    And FYI I'm not a "kid" or "being a dick" . I'm speaking my mind and saying what I think is the right thing to say, like yourself.
    Now my advice is either , start respecting marijuana like everyone else here or maybe just leave it be.
  15. People like that who give weed a bad name? No. The people who give weed a bad name are stoners who all they do is smoke and are unproductive people and always talk about weed like they are so cool for smoking so much.
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    Was this on 4/20? That''s kind of like our Mardi Gras... Anyways, seeing as how it probably wasn't, and your terminology is arbitrary, I'm gonna say either you're a first timer or you just coughed too much. It might seem fun to rip as much as you can in a short period, but after those two joints you're really just wasting weed. If you'd spaced that out to even a two hour period, you would have been fucking FLYING and puke-free.
    Smoke as much as you want, but my humble advice is to at least wait to recognize what effect the previous doob will have on you. And try to do something with the high besides just be high.
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    No dude your being a dick. Don't try to kid yourself.
  18. Its not abuse, its exactly what he said "Getting Super Baked"

    Maybe y'all don't get as high?
  19. Its not abuse, its exactly what he said "Getting Super Baked"

    Maybe y'all don't get as high?
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    I "respect" (by your terms) cannabis, use it medicinally and recreationally, and thrown up from not smoking. So I shouldn't use it because of YOUR rules? GTFO with that elitist attitude. 
    I smoke to get high, I smoke to help with various medical reasons. Sometimes, you overdo things, and your body reacts. How will it react? Will, seeing as how widely different every single human who's ever lived is, it could react in countless amounts of ways.
    There's nothing to respect. You're being ridiculous. People use it for various reasons, and sometimes your body reacts in unexpected ways. Even using it recreationally is MEDICAL. Ask Granny:

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