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Was this a bad trip or a hallucnation or was it laced.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Railer, May 14, 2011.

  1. I smoked some dank weed and about 5 minutes later I started to get ****** up vision. I walked a little farther and my vision was in like snaps, like a turning sprinkler. Then everything turned yellow and purple and I seemed like I was walking but not getting any closer. Then I was walking up the stairs, and everything turned like a computer screen with red and blue pixels. Then I started to function subconsciously. Not only can I remember what I was doing now, I literally was moving in and out of consciousness while still walking and functioning perfectly. Then I laid down and this is where it was weird. I started to feel my blood pump inside me, and my head felt like it had a ton of pressure. Then it felt like my veins were vibrating intensely. It honestly hurt I'm not kidding. My vision started to vibrate with the literal vibration on the inside of me. What I mean by that is my friend said I wasn't shaking. It hurt. Was this weed laced, I havnt smokes in 2 months and this was already dank as ****
  2. I'm taking your man card for a bit.
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    Dude come on it was fucking weird
  4. it must have been laced with angel dust
  5. #5 meatball3, May 14, 2011
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    I want some of that ^
  6. it was probably to dank and your tolerance was already low to begin with. i had a similar experience (hallucinating) whenever i smoked dank for the first time. i was acting really stupid and was having some pretty scary thoughts, but then they went away, eventually.
  7. You probally had a bad head rush, had something similar happen to me last week.
  8. #8 Railer, May 14, 2011
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    Dude it felt like my fucking body was like getting an electric shock on the inside. It was extreme vibration. It kinda hurt and it wouldnt stop
  9. i know when I get super high and lay In a quite place I can hear a radio in my head. and it can be trippy as shit lol. after a month T break I smoke a .5 of northern lights in my bong and when i turned the lights off I could hear a radio in my head and see what looked like movie scenes on my wall. it was a pretty awesome time.
  10. The first time I tried weed I saw ghosts. Then I never saw them again. Now I just get super horny
  11. It wasn't laced man, you just got really really really baked.


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