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Was The Weed Old?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by CaptainClayton, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. I took some of my mom's weed the other day and I noticed it was already in chunk so I stuffed it in my bowl. It was a little mushy and didn't smell strong of weed. What was wrong with it? I got super high off it still though.


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  2. apparently nothing if you got blazed.........
  3. Probably nothing. Just looks a little dry and probably not the highest quality.
  4. #4 usandthem, Jun 19, 2013
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    It was your Mom's weed. That's what was wrong with it. I'll bet you stole some of her change to by bubblegum with as well.
  5. I think you needed to break it up a little more than what's shown in the picture.
  6. Yeah if you smoked it as is, you probably smoked like 3 bowls worth because you didn't even attempt to break it up.
  7. So just what does weed smell like? Because in my experience of growing many different strains now.. they never smell identical.. musty, earthy, fruity, citrus, sage, berry, mint, cherry, chocolate etc. 
    Like a fine wine well bred strains have many smells.  A sativa will almost always be earthier with a spiciness added..Looks good to me  bud is dense, it is airy, fluffy, inbetween etc.
    I've had enough plants in and out of my tent to learn you never judge a book by its cover ;) 
    I expect better from GC Blades!    :gc_rocks:
    You are bringing us down to what the "prohibs" say we are!      :poke:     Grow up!
    And buy your own weed! :cool:

  9. You just wasted you moms weed ... wie schade
  10. Why did you smoke it? Did you want to smoke new weed? No. You wanted to smoke to get high. And thats what happened. Does it matter if it was old?
  11. Total fgt for stealing weed.

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