Was the Office tv show designed for stoners?

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  1. I enjoy the show sober no lie but some times the things that happen or things that are said are just really random. So I've gone through 4 seasons and the show HAS to be for stoners I mean the stuff Steve Carrell says or does is hilarious. The episodes sometimes have no plot and happens randomnly. Any one agree?
  2. greatest show ever
  3. yea man the office is some funny shit.

    think ive seen every episode lol
  4. The one epsisode where they are all getting drug tested and steve carrel is like
    "Well,, i was at an Alicia Keys concert..they said it was clove cirrarettes..im sure it was clove ciggerates " haha and hes trying to get them out of the drug tests the whole time
    ya he smokes :smoke:
  5. i've notice a general attitude of randomness in all shows on tv now
    I think its the new popular thing
    a shitload of commercials have no meaning, like the old spice ads and such
    not saying its not funny tho, it is
    the office was definitely a big contributor to it
    I used to watch that show every single day haha
  6. ahah yeaaa i rembr tht. also tht one time michael buys weed from the warehouse workers for like $500 and it was a caprisi salad lol
  7. Always sunny in philidalphia is pretty good too if you like the random comedy. i love office and always sunny
  8. ^ 420 knows whats up.

    I've seen EVERY episode of The Office and Always Sunny at least 2+ times.

    Always Sunny is even more random humor than The Office but for real watch the rest of the seasons :p

  9. best two shows on tv.. and south park
  10. thanks i'll check it outt. any other suggestions? that show Weeds was pretty awesome. Anythin streamed on netflix to my xbox pretty much is awesome haha
  11. The Office is the shit.
    British version>American
  12. life was designed for stoners.
  13. that is seriously an outrageous claim sir
  14. It is good series, But not best..
  15. well of course you'd think that you're on it!!:p
  16. I disagree, it's not funny sober or high. I've tried o enjoy this show so many times because people keep saying how funny it is.... but it's just so goddamn stupid. I can't stand it, high or not.

    It's Always Sunny is one of the best shows on tv though, at least when the cast is writing episodes.

  17. Seems like a pretty valid claim to me. The best moment from the American Office was when David Brent had a cameo. That's not to say that I don't like the new Office, but when it comes to the original, there's no comparison.

  18. Thats alright man the office isnt for everyone but goddamn do i love it, and i will check out Always Sunny, looks good.

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