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Was the establishment of Israel just?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by FriedFriend, Dec 31, 2012.

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  1. what if we could all go back to take over, conquer and colonize, where our ancestors lived 2000 years ago? in the process kick out those currently living there. what kind of world would we live in then?

    holocaust is not valid justification or excuse. there were many holocausts throughout history, not only of jews.
  2. Was the establishment of country X justified?

    Pondering the if's and but's won't change the fact that Israel has every right to exist.
  3. so the answer is no then.

    the establishment of england was certainly not just. a norman aristocracy conquered and enslaved the anglo saxon populace in 1066, reducing them to second class citizens in every way. sounds a lot like israel no?

  4. Using your logic, the existence of nearly every single country today is not justified.
  5. admit what israel has been and is doing to palestinians is cruel.
  6. OP, what country do you live in? I will tailor my response to your answer.
  7. Well, i'll just assume you live in the US or Canada so I can say what I have to say.

    Whether you think the establishment of the state of Israel is just or unjust, we allowed it to happen. After Nazi Germany drove Jews out of Europe they immigrated to several other places. The US was pretty anti-semitic during the time, as was a lot of places which had a mass influx of Jewish immigration. We basically forced them to go to Palestine.

    So, I just do not see why we should bother with this issue. Israel was one of several countries in the Middle East created from either British or French mandates.

    You can blame the British for the creation of Israel. What's done is done.

    Is it just??? I don't see how it is just or unjust.

  8. They are cruel to each other. Frankly I don't give a shit about any of them.

  9. Yet you post in these sort of threads....

  10. True, but that doesn't mean I give a rats ass whether they kill each other.
  11. Well there are several of these threads with the same 3 people rehashing the same biased arguments... I try not to interrupt the circlejerk but sometimes there's just no other active topics.

  12. Some people just hate on other people.
  13. You're just trolling here.
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