was that an engagement/wedding ring?

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  1. was talkin to a cute girl at this store today. she was mad cute. but i noticed she had a ring on her finger. im 19 and she looks my age. 20 at most. i wasnt sure if that was an engagement ring or not cuz at this point in time marriage seems out of the question to me. but not everyones the same i guess. is a ring of any kind on a girls finger indicating that i shouldnt fuck with em? or can a girl be single and just wear a ring just cuz they like jewelry? i dont know how this shit works or if there is a difference between rings or some shit.

    sigh...i miss being in high school when i didnt have to worry about shit like this when talking to girls.
  2. What finger was it on??
    Normally when it's an engagement/wedding/promise ring it's on the left hand. But if it was on her right chances are she was just wearing a regular ring.

    Also it might be easier to just ask her if she has a boyfriend/partner instead of just guessing. You never know these days.
  3. Theres only one real wedding ring finger and its on the left hand, 4th finger.

    But you never know man, this dude in my class is 18 and already married. Still lives at home and everything lolol.

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