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Was really sick then I smoked...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Prometheus, Apr 17, 2003.

  1. Hey Everyone! I haven't posted here in the longest time... been real busy. Hope everyones fine. :)

    Since last friday Ive been really out of it and the whole weekend I was sick in bed with body pains, I was extremely weak, swollen glands in my throat, coughing, fever, headache, you name it! Then I'd get a little better then it'd get bad again... it was very unstable. Yesterday we had a get together and had a real nice session. Instantly I felt better and the pains were gone. For the first time since after school friday I felt good. I came home and chilled with my girl and watched a movie. Then I passed out and woke up this morning feeling good. Still not 100% but definitly better :)

    Thanks for listening, thought I'd share! :D
  2. ...the wonder drug.

    glad you're feelin' better.
  3. yeah dude, i will remember that man

  4. glad to hear u ok

    huzzah to the wonder herb

  5. thats why its the miracle drug....
  6. It's an amazing drug this MJ you talk about..

    I have pains all the time. MJ is the natural cure for most pAches and Pains..
  7. i got that bug that's been going around... it was gay. coughing, throwing up, feeling like ya just got hit by a pickup. smoked dank all day the one day. man... it felt so much better :D LOL
  8. i had bronchitis this winter and it hurt like hell to smoke and it was hard to hold hits but smokin bud helped sooooooo much, i lost the headache and the overall hangover feeling that comes with bein really sick and it was better than the damn syrup the doc gave me

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