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Was my weed moldy? please help!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dekacore, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Hey everyone i have a quick question do you guys think my weed has mold because i got my weed put it in my pill container and i shred it with scissors i roll 2 joints with a dime i leave the joints in my pill container and im gona for about 3 days then i come back and take a small hit and i got real high the next day i wook up when i would exhale all of the air from my lungs my lungs would hurt a little bit also every couple of min my lungs burn and the i look at my self the ne t day from taking that small hit i was pretty pale is this from moldy weed cuz i have no clue if it is moldy because it was a joint i would really appretciate if u guys can help out.
  2. I am now going to go make a large donation to The Department of Education.
  3. I would give pics but the problem is the weed is in a joint so idk if i should entpy it out and re roll it after?
  4. Even if u take it out of the joint no ones going to be able to tell for sure if there's mold on broken up bud...especially if u grinded it
  5. I can't even read that. I'm no grammar nazi by anyone's standards - but dude, you didn't even a single full stop...
  6. [quote name='"prettychill"']I can't even read that. I'm no grammar nazi by anyone's standards - but dude, you didn't even a single full stop...[/quote]

    Haha he missed that class about run-on sentences
  7. Well ill i just wanted help not hatred okay so if your going to be disrespectful just get off this thread.I typed this in my school fast what do you excpect.

  8. whoa whoa buddy somebody's butthurt???? the dude wasn't disrespecting you

  9. Slow down cowboy.
  10. I wouldn't risk smoking it. it's only a dime. just throw it out and buy some new weed. It's not worth fucking up your lungs. If you still feel pain in your lungs then go see a doctor.

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