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Was my weed laced?

Discussion in 'General' started by rsbot98, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Under the perfect circumstances:

    New Strain
    Low Tolerance
    New Surroundings
    New Smoking Device

    You can get SERIOUSLY fucked up! :smoking: I enjoy it. Like another blade said


  2. lol wat u just said is tru
  3. There was a thread wsimilar that had a post saying *it was laced with THC* well, it fits perfect.
  4. No wait it wasn't laced i felt like that when i first started smoking. when i was THIRTEEN

    kid you have no tolerance
  5. im not 13 stfu
  6. Sounds like it was laced with dumbass
  7. lol i smelled someone smoking oregano yesterday i was loling

  8. no 2011-199=13 yoa at max.
  9. #49 BloodLust, Aug 22, 2011
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    Possibly. Unless it actually is his hockey jersey number
  10. Looks to be laced with THC. :cool: ....OH wait someone said that already. >.<
  11. Couple of hints;
    1. Read the rules.
    2. Don't be disrespectful (as in the stfu, you posted).
    3. Type words, this is not a chat and we don't care if you are using a phone.
    4. If you use 98 at the end of your username, do everything you can not to act like 13, because right now 98% of the City believes you are. ;) :smoke:
  12. Was probably laced with grape Kool aid
  13. My friend accidentally smoked some coke laced weed(he didnt know, until his "buddies" told him after he smoked it) . He said his vision went black, he couldnt hear anything, and he throwed up alot; honestly the chances of your herb being laced are slim to none, but then again we dont know your dealer, so its totally possible, even though its not cost effective that way, they might slip some in there for free, so you'll get addicted and come back for more of his "other" product

  14. You know the smell of burning oregano..takes one to know one man :p
  15. Boy if i had a nickel...

  16. I'm doubtful he played Hockey and RS, and we know if he is over 18, he'd have started playing backing in 03-05 when bots where rare, this means either he is a computer programmer or he's lying, no one has time to play a sport and Rnescape.
  17. i think it was laced with green eggs and ham

    shit fucks you up
  18. >.> Runescape is lame.
  19. It was probably just really good shit. Why would a dealer want to lace the weed he's selling? He loses money on it... Duh...
  20. Sounds like you smoked some really good weed :smoke:

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