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Was my weed laced?

Discussion in 'General' started by rsbot98, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. probably laced with super aids
  2. nooooooo LOLOLOL

  3. So tell me were you born in 98?
  4. no 98 ismy hockey number

  5. I can't get over the fact. Someone over 18 came up with the name rsbot98 :/ maybe im just a shrill old man
  6. who knows...all i know is that if i felt like i was falling or flying after i smoked, id be good lol.
  7. It might of had a small trace of some Roofies in it.
    My dealer does that to me. We party all the time but when I smoke his laced weed my butthole hurts the next morning.
    It's a weird symptom of roofies.
    Fun drug nonetheless
  8. *insert a witty comment here*
  9. It sounds like it was laced.

    I'll never understand these unscrupulous dealers trying to get us hooked on anything and everything these days...

    Only one course of action, take it to the police, ask them to verify its purity for you...I'm sure they'll only be too happy to help a toker in need.
  10. ya take it to the police wat im i 7?
  11. Word I miss these threads

    They make me crack up when I'm blazed
  12. Ive definitely seen this before. Your weed was laced with

  13. yeah man that shit was laced with cat nip

    you're gonna die
  14. You posted a nasty ass picture of a black chick with a facial in another thread. The only reason I like you is because you have the same name as my flying squirrel.

    Please dont post nasty porn pics. * Not @ your current post, but just saying*
  15. For a website about weed, there are a lot of people who don't know what being high is like.
  16. I don't see the correlation?
  17. Try taking 2 or 3 hits next time then wait a half hour see how it treats u before u smoke any mroe. its just good weed, not laced. guarantee it
  18. You usually have to pay extra for an experience of that caliber. Sounds to me like you got your moneys
  19. Only seven year olds think they got laced weed... The rest of us just put it down to being either very good, or very unexpected weed...

  20. You don't see the correlation between weed and being high?

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