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Was My Weed Laced?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RawrItsRaptor, May 14, 2011.

  1. So, I have smoked about seven times. About two weeks ago I bought dro (real dro not slang term) from my guy and we rolled up and smoked it at his place. No big deal. A a week later I decided to light up my bowl by myself. Took about 4 hits and had really mild hallucinations, went away quick. Nothing to worry about. But yesterday, I was determined to get high as hell. So, I took the biggest nug out of the bag and lit up my bowl.

    As far as I can remember I took about 9 hits. This is when it all started.

    I stood up and as soon as I got up I felt weary, normal pot-effects. I walked about 30 feet to my room and sat down. I started seeing spirals, at first I thought this was :D but than it started getting weird. My eyes felt like they were following it and I couldn't stop it. So I figured, just take control, but I couldn't. I went and got 3 packs of fruit snacks, cookies, and two Capri-Suns. I started eating and the hallucinations got really wild. I couldn't keep my eyes open, and I truly can not explain it but, I felt like I was seeing in the past. Everything I did I saw from a third-person point of view 45 seconds later. All of sudden I am outside walking my dog and I had no idea how I got there. I called my friend because this didn't feel normal so I needed him to come over. He said he was on his way. For some reason I proceeded to call my Dad than immediately hang up and freaked out. This whole time, the past vision is occurring. Then when I forced myself to snap out of it, I did not remember how I got there. All this time I realized I was mumbling to myself. I called my well experienced friend. He told me to go back to my room sit down and watch TV and get some water. Next thing I know I am in my room in the verge of tears, on the phone with him. My mom walks in and asks me to put a memory card in her camera. I couldn't open the case so I just said it doesn't fit. My TV is on but, I can't hear it even though the volume is halfway to max. The past thing wouldn't go away and every time I closed my eyes I saw weird unexplainable things. My skin was heavy, I was burning up and sweaty but, in seconds I was freezing in a tundra. I wanted it to stop. It felt like I was trapped from the outside watching this happen. It had only been an hour but, it felt like years. I turned music on, but I needed it louder and it was blasting but, all I could here was my heart beating one thousand beats per minute.

    By and hour and a half into my high it was starting to settle to mild hallucinations and I had taken control.

    By three hours I was feeling great.

    By six hours I woke up sleeping on my couch.

    This was the scariest moments of my life, sorry for the rant but, I need to find the answers.
    My good friend says I did way too much of a dank bud especially since I am beginner and that it wasn't laced. What are your opinions?
  2. Texts I made during the high:
    " Am so hig right now i need your help"
    "No i am alone and i want somebody. I am tripping out this is someting else i am almost crying my skin is heavy"
    "I cant like there is three of me and i can look in present pas andt like zoomed in. Briannnn i help"
    "Yes i am scared my friend sid he is on his way but it feeeeeels solong"
    "I am trying but i am outside me and inside everything is scary"
    At that point I was called him and who knows what I said
  3. I think you're new to smoking, and you just smoked too much thats all.

    Learn when enough is enough, if you're new to smoking 9 hits is really going to fuck you up dude. I'm all for getting really high, but slowly smoke more and more, I don't think it's a good idea to smoke a huge ass nug if you're on the inexperienced side. Just smoke a bowl and stop (a normal bowl is maybe 5-6 hits), if you feel like that's enough then stop until the high wears off in a few hours, and then smoke another bowl if you feel like it. The more you smoke, the more you start to get a tolerance and the more it takes to get high.
  4. not laced
  5. you freaked out because its your 7th time smoking and you got really really high, marijuana being "laced" with drugs that fuck you up seems like a myth to me.
  6. sounds like some of my sisters friends when they smoke some of my weed. your just not used to dank.
  7. definitely laced with THC.. call 911
  8. Ehh you just had too much. Try and space out your hits next time so you get a high you're more comfortable with. Think of it like this, why would somebody put a more expensive substance into cannabis and sell it to you for cheaper? Also, most hallucinogenic substances cannot be smoked with the exception of PCP which I guarantee you did not have in your weed.

  9. yeah?
  10. if i had a nickel :rolleyes:
  11. yea when i first started smoking, i would get outer body feelings. As scared as you must have been, i would kill for those crazy feelings again.

  12. haha i trick dumbasses with that sometimes...'this shits laced with thc...' and they freak out. ignorant bastards.
    anyways, sounds like you just got way to high. ive had the craziest sensations when i first started smoking. treasure your ability to get crazy high sir, and do not abuse it too much.
  13. Sounds like you just got really high and overreacted.
  14. Dude I wish I could have that sort of high. All I ever get is couch lock, cottonmouth, and the munchies. I feel great, don't get me wrong, but i've never hallucinated cause of weed.
  15. LOL Thats hilarious dude. I know what you felt and went through. I remember when i first started i thought i was cool and i hit my first bong with a couple friends. Dont remember how much i smoked but i had to drive home, I was completely hallucinating, didnt know what was going on, couldnt open my eyes, and my brain kept making like random sounds that turned into music and when i realized this was all going on i was like O.O. It was pretty insane.

    I remember i was hallucinating one of those old computer like ping-pong games where one block bounces the ball to the other and you cant let them score or whatever while like my ear was ringing some orchestra music and my eyes were 1/16th open. Once i realized that there was no music playing and i was driving i had to go 4 miles an hour, roll down the windows and hold my eyes open

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