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was my weed laced?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stoner66, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. I picked up a g earlier from a new dealer, put some in a bowl and smoked it at night so I could go to bed high.

    The usual high came, until 5 minuets later.

    Suddenly, it felt like the nerves in my body were "firing" and I was thinking about things deeply, like i was on acid or something. I've never had anything like that from weed.

    then it got worse. My vision starting getting fucked up, everything was moving slow. i was totally fucked out of my mind, there was no way that was a weed high.

    What other drug does that stuff to you? Jwing so I know what my shit was laced with... if it was laced (I'm pretty sure it was)
  2. Ur weed cant get laced with acid or shrooms. Its a possiblitly it could be laced but its so small i ruled it out. So u were just stoned :D Have fun with the good shit :smoke:

  3. yea dude, its possible but not probable, where i live youd have to pay extra to get laced weed lol, that shit aint free, unless ur a chick drugs aint free...

    if ur new to smokin u were def just high
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    You had a panic attack, some strains just bring them on my sis would get them ,start trippin,cant breath, flushing all her erb, just remember which strains cause them for you. you would know if its laced if it crackles when you light it or it just catches fire, taste funny etc
  5. u were just really fuckin high... ive had that happen when i was just smokin a blunt of some mids. sometimes weed just does that.
  6. alright thanks guys I am new to smoking but I did smoke a lot lol.
  7. lol you perfectly described how being fucked up is :hello:

    that's all normal dude, nobody's going to lace your weed bro, it costs way more than 10$ to lace weed, no dealer is going to waste money to lace your weed.
  8. Take it slower next time, you just got totally baked, it came on too strong and too quick, and you freaked, you're not the first lol.
  9. Nope. Your bud wasn't laced.
  10. wasn't laced

    you were just baked on strong weed
  11. i think this is a common paranoia for new smokers but just think: why would someone lace your weed? what benefit do they get from it?

    marijuana is a beautiful thing. and those side effects sounded pretty good. tingly and deep thought. moving slow. sounds like a good high.
  12. think about it why would the dealer lace your weed and lose profit? it would be stupid

  13. i wish i could get high like that.
  14. Why is there so many of these threds EVERYDAY in this section? YOUR WEED IS NOT LACED
  15. See i almost had the samething but when i smoked my vision was fucked up. everything around me was swirling bad i felt pain in my left arm and leg,my face was hot, and my heart was pounding like crazy. I only took two hits but they where long hits. my vision still not normal and its been a week sence then. I dont smoke offten. the last time i smoked was like 6 to 7 months ago. but i wonder if my shit was laced. i hope someone can comment back soon.

  16. Sounds like you got fucking high my friend :hello::smoking: give me some of that bud
  17. Enjoy the BOMB weed and the LOW tolerance while you have it! Give it a couple months-years and you'll be getting a buzz off that shit. Laced? If you were a dealer would you go through the trouble of lacing a $10 dime bag of regs with $20 of coke? You were just at the "HIGH AS FUCK" stage of highness!
  18. Mods please make this a rule:

    if the title has the word "Lace or Laced" in it, automatically send the poster to the Sticky about laced weed.

    dunno if thats possible, but these threads are annoying.
  19. im so smacked yo, its prolly just some cali og thats what i've been smokin and that shit got me in another universe hahaha
  20. thats what happens when you get REALLY REALLY blazed. it wasnt laced, u were just high.

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