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Was my weed laced?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JustinLovesWeed, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. I smoked a blunt with one of my buddies friends, i don't know him too well. They both live in a pretty ghetto neighborhood but i'm familiar with the area. Anyway, i smoke this blunt and get really fuckin blowed. Way too blowed for one blunt. I turned pale and instead of my heart rate increasing it was beating really slow and it felt painful, like heartburn. I was so high from this single blunt that i got that spinny feeling, and my tolerance isn't that low. I don't think it's just that it was "good weed" because it wasn't really all that dank, not sticky at all, it looked like mids. What happened?
  2. you got high...
  3. I get high all the time, it's just the fact that i got so high from so little, something seems wrong to me. And normally my heart rate increases while high but it did the exact opposite.
  4. Looks can be decieving.
    Must of been excellent bud.
    not sure about the heart thing though.
  5. There's always the small chance it was laced.

    But probability says it wasn't. I don't know what it would be laced with that would slow down heart rate...
  6. Laced weed is really quite rare. It was probably just some pretty dank weed.
  7. laced weed does not come from the hood most hood dealers are out to rip you off if they dont know you not waste lacing your weed w/ something else that would cause them to loose $..........
  8. chances are you wont ever find laced weed

  9. You're Avatar is hilarious. Drowzee smoking out of a hooka.
  10. you got the spins, it happens when you smoke too much or if you didn't eat anything for a long time and then you started toking.
  11. I don't really want to put the thought into your head, but it could have maybe been a panic attack. I doubt the weed was laced, like other people have said you'll probably never come across laced weed, it's just not likely.
  12. #12 Saint Dogg, Aug 16, 2008
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    No one is secretly lacing your weed... If they did they tell you and damn well want extra for it... Its just government anti marijuana propaganda spread to instill fear in the masses, think of it as a parent telling a young child the boogey man will come get him if he doesn't go to bed at bedtime... You just got ahold of the Fire Piff and smoked yourself retarded... As for it not looking dank buds can be strong as hell and not looks dank, the times I've had it happen it was from a new grower and was some headie seeds he ordered from a bank. The shit was strong but looked nothing like what a headie strain would look like when grown to its full potential. I do know this old hippie thats been fine tuning a strain he calls "sleeper" for years, it looks like Mexi Brown but it blows your fuckin dome off.
  13. do you smoke blunts alot? or tobacco?

    i just ask because i know when i havent smoked a blunt in awhile ill get a different high feeling due to the tobacco, idk if id call it spinny though, i more just feel like im extremely stoned and once to the point where i felt like throwing up (which i didnt i actually just ate food and i was fine lol) but the next day i smoked a blunt the same size and was fine.

    imo i think its either the tobacco in the blunt or you just had some nice bud. i know you say you smoke a good amount but this summer i got blueberry kush and it wrecked me the first time i smoked it and to that point i had been smoking mids and ocassionally heads atleast 2 times a day for a few months so it could just be you had some fire :D
  14. could have been laced. maybe heroin? idk

  15. idk the going rate for herion but i doubt it because why would a dealer want to lace weed with something expensive? i was under the impression that if weed is laced it is so with pcp or meth cause its cheap but again idk why any dealer would want to do that because of the extra cost and loss of a customer.
  16. lolwut :d

  17. naw the guy he smoked the blunt with prolly just put the shit in the blunt himself.

    and i say heroin because his heart rate slowed down and he got the spins. i've smoked heroin before and that is usually what happens.

    or it could be something else, or just really good weed.
  18. My "special female friend" got laced weed once. From one of her guy friends he put pcp in it. lol...
  19. who knows....I live in The Bronx and around here some people like to dip their blunts in wet (PCP)
  20. u got good weed

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