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Was my weed laced?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by DCIGS, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. So I picked up a 40 sack of weed like 3 days ago, I smoked it as usual in a bowl. When I set the flame to it and inhaled it, it had a crackly noise to it. I smoked at night and I could not sleep at all, I was up all night. My legs also felt really twitchy. When I soon ran out of my weed I felt like I could do anything to get more. I felt like a feen. Now my feet are just real twitchy.
  2. Im like 99.99999999 percent sure it wasnt,
  3. Sounds like uncured weed to could be anything though really. You probably got sold weed that was mixed with spice or oregano to give it a little more weight.

    The only reason someone would lace weed is for personal use or if they had it out for someone and did it for revenge. Nobody wants to buy laced weed anyway, maybe someone pawned it off on you.
  4. Probably mixed with spice. Spice definitely cracks a bit when it smokes and the people I've seen smoke it usually tremble a lot.
  5. Sounds like it was a sativa that wasn't flushed properly (still had nutes in it from growing).
  6. A seed makes a popping noise if you burn it.
  7. lol are you the dcigs from youtube?
  8. Do you have pics of the allegedly laced buds?
  9. You got some yucky nugs.
  10. I do actually

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  11. Nah lol
  12. Yup, someone took a more expensive drug and put it on weed then sell it for less?
    Cracked bc it wasn't cured
    I just wish people would think. Honestly why the fuck would anyone lace weed other then personal?
  13. cracked => not fully cured.

    twitchty => in your head.

    fiending => in your head.

    guarantee it wasn't laced.
    you just cant handle your herb.
  14. This. It is never laced.
  15. Sativas can keep you up and have a hard comedown, I don't think it was laced
  16. Sounds like it was not flushed and probably poorly handled overall; sh!tty commercial work.
  17. #18 solarhitz, Jan 4, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 4, 2013
    mm.. don't think it was laced. i see a couple white spots on pic 1 and 2 but i don't believe that to be anything more than light reflecting oddly.. i think you just managed to pick yourself up some potent Sativa. honestly, my only recommendation is to go out and educate yourself somewhat..

    The only things you honestly need to worry about lacing are two substances:

    Heroin and glass/silica.

    Heroin laced weed wouldn't look remotely close to right, wouldn't smell right, feel right, you'd know. Silica and Glass.. that would only be done in a really shitty area from a real fucking asshole.. but they do it to add weight to make you pay more for less. Again, really scumbag thing to do, but you can figure it out but just shaking up your baggie of weed or shaking your weed in general, and examining the trichomes that fall out with a magnifier... this kind of behavior is very atypical.. if you are buying from someone THIS shady, you need to get your priorities in life straightened out.

    Edit: Sorry to mention an unmentionable in this post, but it is as a PSA, not to fearmonger, and that kind of behavior is ill advised and uncondoned. Anything mentioned was in service to help manage the quality of OP's marijuana.

  18. Sometimes when I hit this pipe I just got i've heard a crackly noise when I light it a lot (dont know if its cause its just a pipe, usually smoke a bong and even that can make a crackly noise i've seen...) As far as twitchy legs I remember when i first started getting high and the first time I ever smoked a decent amount of dank my legs were going crazy lol but I think I was just high as fuck never had my feet twitch tho... lol
  19. It's cold as hell in Chicago and I shiver a lot when high. Try smoking it with some indica to calm u down

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