Was My Thread Deleted?

Discussion in 'General' started by Lockout, Jun 1, 2013.

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    -EDIT- Doesn't matter. How do I delete threads with the new layout?

  2. I'm afraid you cannot do that sir.
    Can't even delete posts anymore.
  3. You can 'hide' your post.
  4. was that the thread about u asking how to smoke coffee? lolz

    Yeah, the new GC is like the Mafia: easy to get in, but you can never leave -- alive that is.
    Yeah, it's the same thing as Delete was on the old forums. 
  7. the only way you can delete is bronze member and up isn't it?
    No xD I'm gad someone remembers that thread, though. It got locked by the moderators ;)
    No, you should have a hide option on your posts. If you don't, ask gnik about it in the Bugs thread in General Feedback. There were users talking about not having that option a few days ago and gnik checked into it and said everything looked fine, apparently it fixed itself after that for the member who was asking. 
  10. ahhhhhhh I see ( says the blind man ) lol

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