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Was my shit laced?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Johny Potsmoker, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. #1 Johny Potsmoker, Sep 20, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 20, 2009
    Alright im new to toking and i got 2 nicks from my friend 2 days ago and I smoked like half of one of the nicks that night and i got really high. I kinda felt like i was dizzy and confuzed but not as bad as being drunk. I wasn't seeing little leprechauns but i was hearing doors open and close repeatedly because i was afraid of someone waking up and catching me(i still live with the folks :p) and i was AIMing people and my typing was all fucked up and looking back at what i said is like WTF lol. And i finished off that bag last night and got the same high. These effects only last like 30 mins then i feel not as high. None of my friends are like me when they smoke, they are really mellow and they don't seem too impaired. And my weed looks like normal shit so idk...

    I used a bong and took about 10 hits. That too much?
  2. It wasnt laced. You just have low tolerance and were really, really high.

  3. It will be hard to know if it was laced since you smoked it all... but the paranoia may just be a natural side effect from smoking. Have you been smoking very long?

    I usually break open my nugs to see if it has the same amount of crystals on the inside. If there are very few crystals on the inside but the outside is covered in them (and might look dusty), then you MAY have a laced bag. I doubt anyone would lace it for the fact that painkillers have a very nice street value and would be better off sold as a pill.

    Maybe you were just REALLY baked...

    *edit: I see you are new to smoking. Disregard all of this. You were blitzed most likely.


  4. ^this

    It is entirely possible to have some very mild auditory or visual hallucinations off just weed. Your tolerance is just low.
  5. Nope, your weed wasn't laced. You just aren't used to smoking good herb.
  6. that lol
  7. Oh man, your gonna die. Too bad for you.
  8. i agree with everyone else, you just got really high...and as you said you were afraid of getting caught which prolly caused you to trip off the sounds of doors.
  9. I would say you are used to getting weed off the bricks of low-end weed that float around and this time you got something really good. Did you pay more for it than you usually pay?

    If I were you, I would buy some more and save it for the special occasions. It will be more enjoyable next time since you know what to expect. Do you know the strain you smoked?
  10. dude, thats how i ALWAYS am while high. and i know my shit isnt laced. enjoy the low tolerance. how much do you weigh?
  11. Hahahahahaha
  12. Trust me dude if it was laced you wouldn have to ask. You can most definately feel if you smoked something laced. You just got stoned.
  13. i didnt even read any posts.
    but trust me, everyone says their shit could be laced and get the same answers every time
  14. It sounds like your friend was ripping you off. A dime is more weed for the same price than two nicks. Around here, a nick, if you can actually buy it, is 0.3 and a dime is 0.7 and a dub is 1.7. Ive never even tried to buy a nick, and most dealers wont even go below a dime. Even a dime is kind of a rip off. Bigger quantities always means better value.

    But to your question, you just have a low tolerance it seems. I use to get like that, but its alot more rare now, cuz I know exactly how much weed I need to get the exact effects I want (barring some kind of super dank, but I can usually tell if its that within a minute or two and adjust accordingly).
  15. No.
    And refer to the first post, besides your own, OP.

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