Was my mom a hippy?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by fingamp3, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. ya so...i have this childhood memory in the back of my head from when i was maybe 6...?

    and i'm not sure what the situation was or anything like that...but i think my mom told me that she used to be a hippy..

    she's almost 60 so i don't DOUBT it...but i was just wondering how i should engage in a convo with her about it.

    i'd like to talk to her about it bc it would most likely help me feel more comfortable talkin to her about anything...and idk it'd be cool to know for sure

    she caught me smoking once...but since i was using my cigarette hitter maybe she thought it was tabacoo?

    idk...any help, suggestions, stories, or anything?
  2. :confused: "Hey mom where you a hippie when you were young?"
  3. probably the best way...geuss i just gotta grow some balls.
  4. See how she reacts when she finds out you're a stoner.

    *after actually reading the topic*

    Yeah I don't know, ask if she wants to toke up some time.
  5. well how about how should i go about telling her that i smoke?
  6. "Hey mom were you a hippy?"

    "Wanna check out this generation's product?"
  7. Wellllllllll if she turns out to not be a hippie then the whole telling her you smoke thing wouldn't work out very well.
  8. true...holy shit i just figured out the perfect way to start a convo w her

    and thanks rhythm somethin like that would prolly catch her interest.

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