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  1. It said closed eye visuals were uncommon... Thats my favorite part about smoking marijuana. If i close my eyes so many images fly by and its complete relaxation.
    Is this really uncommon?
  2. i sometimes get like swirly colors and stuff, not real images or anything.
  3. Is it just your imagination or is it a genuine hallucination?
  4. Its not like that when i open my eyes... its just like fuck idk kinda like swirley colors and stuff but i see patterns in shit. The patterns i see even with my eyes opened... like i looked at my chair and my eyes were half closed and i thought it was a giant ass snake
  5. I get some colors, but not hallucinations.

    They are maybe a little brighter? than normal... i dont even know if brighter is the word im looking for.

    But for sure no real hallucinations.
  6. Yeah that happens to me too.
  7. With me at least, it's just my imagination. I've never actually "tripped" on weed alone.
  8. Yea I only have once. Kinda freaked me out though just cause I wasn't expecting it at all and I had to drive to school later lol but it was almost identical to a low dose of mushrooms or acid. I only wish I had a few buddies with me because knowone seems to believe me.
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    Weed DEFINITELY enhances my "minds eye" , so when I close my eyes, my imagination is much more visual and vivid and random. "visuals" doesnt equal hallucinations btw.
  10. I see shit when I'm with Lucy or Molly. But deff. not with Mary. IDK maybe you have been soming some laced shit. You get wet? [insert Training Day quote]

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