Was Kennedy assasignated by Lee Harvey Oswald?

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    I am not one to give fire to conspiracy theorist but this was said soon before he died, really odd that he would get assasignated after giving a speach to Americans warning them to worry about secret societies...
  2. the most important thing to remember about the kennedy conspiracy is:

    it doesnt matter.
  3. good intelectual counter to my statement.

  4. Ultimately, no. He may or may not have pulled the trigger, but he was not the one who decided that Kennedy should die. I'm usually not one to believe in conspiracy theories either, but this is one that is pretty undeniable in my opinion... along with the assassination of RFK and quite possibly the "accidental" death of JFK Jr. There were higher powers involved than just two lone deranged men and an inexperienced pilot.

    A lot of conspiracy theorists seem to think that George H.W. Bush was ultimately behind it. Not sure that I would go quite that far...
  5. no prob.

    i love being intellectual.
  6. damn, you do that every fucking time, spell check while high should be required on grasscity for me.
  7. It was the Cigarette Smoking Man.
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  9. No this is a police sketch artists drawing of the real culprits!

  10. He's suspected of having been involved though because there's a picture of someone who looks like him near the scene or something along those lines, & he's claimed to have been involved with the CIA at that point even though it was off the record. I forget how it goes exactly, you have to watch the movie "JFK 2" on Google for the details it's pretty well put together.

  11. Classic example of how the corporate media has been successful in promoting a nonsensical stigma about investigating organized crime in government which is a regular & well documented accurance.

  12. hahahahahaha nice job embedding your video
  13. GC used to require embedding.
  14. The trolling is strong with this one....

    I used to think the Kennedy conspiracy was a bunch of crap, until I read about Executive Order 11110. Anyone doubt the Federal Reserve/CIA would join forces to maintain power, I certainly don't.
  15. Why is everyone so afraid of being labeled a conspiracy theorist?

    "I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but...."
    "I don't usually believe in conspiracy theories, but...."

    Don't be so naive. Of course we were lied to about the Kennedy assassination. Of course we've been lied to countless times. As one of the masses, nobodies, we don't know the truth. So we're left to speculation.

    It's OK to question what you're told. Stop fearing the "Crazy conspiracy theorist" label by ignorant people.
  16. Yes he did using a magic bullet:D
  17. It wasn't Oswald! It was the one-armed man!
  18. it was the babushka lady!!!!!


    those 2 images are creepy to me lol.
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    I think that Oswald could not have been the only one who planned and committed the assassination of JFK. I believe that another government agency such as the CIA helped in the planning and even in the actual assassination. What makes this clear to me is that the CIA has either "lost" or disposed of several key pieces of evidence. One which to me is most important is Kennedy's brain which was documented as preserved in Formalehyde by the doctors after the autopsy somehow went missing. A forensic pathologist could easily tell which direction the bullet came from using modern technology.

    Also missing are 6 frames from the zapruder film and Kennedy's casket which was used to transport his body from Parkland Hospital to the Bethesda Naval hospital were the autopsy was performed. Most theories suggest that Kennedy's wounds were altered in transport and this piece of evidence could prove or disprove the theories. However in 1999 the National Archives released documents stating that the casket had been dumped into a 9,000 foot deep section of the atlantic ocean on the orders of RFK and Attorney-General Nicholas Katzenbach.

    Another shocking piece of evidence is an FBI memo from then director J Edgar Hoover statinh "The thing I am most worried about, and so is Mr. Katzenbach, is having something issued so we can convince the public that Oswald is the real assassin."

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