was just thinking can u cook cannabis into pizza? want to sprinkle dat shit on for a topping

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  1. Sup brahs attempting to cook some pot pizza just sprinkled some pot on top of my frozen pizza gonna eat that shit up and get high on pizza.

    Its not delivery its digornios
  2. Instead, take your cannabis, place it in oil, make canna oil, then drizzle the oil on the pizza. Digiorno's is never greasy enough anyway.
  3. Sure this will work? I really am hungry will the weed make me hungrier as im eating it as thats a natural effect of pot
  4. I'm sure the munchies will be controllable. Your best bet though, like I said, is to make cannabis oil and then just put the oil on the pizza. Honestly if you do it right, you could make the oil and cook the pizza, then just drizzle the oil on it and eat it like that. It'd affect the taste less, too. 

  5. No it won't make you hungry as you eat it since it takes waaay longer to get high on edibles compared to smoking/vaping
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    There's a process to making edibles. You can't just pop it in the oven and expect to get high from eating it. It doesn't work like that. Google that shit. Or like the blade a few posts up said, make canna oil and use that

    Happy toking!

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  8. Pizza cooks at 450*F.
    Way too hot for most, if not all, cannabinoids to survive.
    All you'll do is vaporise the volatile oils and get nothing.
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    you know, there are dispensaries that sell medicated pizzas. though i'm not sure if it's frozen or made fresh to order.
    i also saw medicated beef jerky, duck fat, bacon fat and ice cream. 
    i really wanna try that bacon fat!
    edit: YAY 100th post!

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