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  1. I hate after-shopping depression but it ALWAYS happens to me. Don't you hate it when you go around buying stuff and then get disappointed when you find out you could have done things differently and saved more money?
    When I first joined the forum, there were lots of debates on every thread I opened regarding how should I grow and what I should buy. I ended up listening to a guy because he seemed to be the most active of most and he told me I should go soil in a tent. I wanted to start with hydro either in a tent or in a whole room I'd dedicate for, and since I can afford the space I assumed it'd be cheaper to just place reflectors all over the wall in a 13 square meters grow room from DWC/Hydroponics. 
    Now I'm not quite sure it was the right thing to do, I ended up spending over 1,000-1,100$ on all of the equipment and I still had several flaws and things I didn't buy and I wish I have, and some things I don't even need.
    For about 300$ more I could have bought a whole kit from Hydroponics.eu (even though they have bad reviews online).
    I could have gotten 20 pot DWC system and lights, ventilation, nutrients, tent,  PH + EC monitor, PH control, odor control and more stuff.
    I'm really depressed right now, this shit always happens to me. I bought a DSLR camera for 2 grand, later I found it brand new in a different store for 350$ less.

  2. Caveat emptor. And buyers remorse! Yeah dude, that sucks. It happens to me too. So dirt or hydro?
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  3. I've got dirt going on right now with lots of perlite. I'm gonna throw a couple more DWC buckets in there with Northern lights and red poison auto flower. I thought the plants will be monstrous but even though they are getting bigger and they'll be much bigger I don't see how they're going to fill this 5x5 tent. Maximize the yield in anyway possible, I really want this to work out! I've got 2 strains in my tent right now, soon it'll be 4. I'm gonna add the 2 autos soon
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  4. What works for me is planting way too many plants.
    Id try to do 99 plants in that fucking tent and chop down a pound. No bullshit. there would not be room for many leaves.
    SOG is a winner for speed and yield.
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  5. I don't have 99 seeds haha. And damn a pound, I was hoping for more
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  6. why do people feel the need to compare. If say that camera was two grand and you were happy to pay that for it, why does it really matter if its cheaper somewhere. If you were happy paying two gramd for it theres no reason why you shouldnt be happy now
    My 13 autos grown in 3 square feet yielded 5 ounces, I grow all my plants on tables so I don't have to bend over.
    Your grow is looking good and you are getting dialed in. Ill help any way I can, if you need some fast growing beans that yield heavy I can give you some.
  8. I don't live in the states though bro..
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    Oh man, well  I can help with ideas to make good things happen for you and save you money.
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  10. I'm open minded for all suggestions bro, hit me up
  11. More plants, dont let light hit the floor.
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  12. I was informed less plants can produce the same amount as more plants if vegged longer, can you confirm that?
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    sure you can spent half a year and grow a very high producing plant. After a half year I would be sick of looking at it.
    Around here 60 days in the flower room and the bitch dies. once the buds are fat and frosty its time to go, I wont keep them around once they have done the big growth spurt.
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    So basically planting less plants yields more, outdoors where it has to be out for at least 4-5 months anyway. I get your point, yeah makes sense. But buying a lot of seeds now will be an expensive trip.  Also, If I managed to lay my hands on dozens of seeds once these unkown strains I have (bag seeds) that will probably produce some seeds, I will still have lot of males that I have to sex one by one. Isn't it too much time consuming and puts you on a vulnerable point where you might forget to cut one of them balls and have the plant focus it's growth on producing the seeds and less on budding? Just a thought. Again, according to what you said, putting more plants / pots does make sense. I've got a couple empty 11L pots that I can do something with, but I'll still have to buy a few more smaller pots, maybe 3-5L each (1/2 gallons) and just fill the tent up to the extent where it's overcrowded. 
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  15. Fill that tent up, you might get something great and also a seed or two is not the end of the world.
    About 3 weeks ago I killed 39 males and have 8 4 footers growing in another part of the house because they are pretty.
    I went crazy when they talked of killing medical in my state and banning home grows. I planted 66 seeds in 33 solo cups. Then planted another 30. cut some clones. just wanted a bunch of plants to protest silently. :)
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  16. @[member="snoopdog6502"] I made up my mind. I'll look for the cheapest seeds I can buy and buy a few of those, after all (I CAN'T REALLY PUT 99999 PLANTS IN THERE LIKE YOU LOL)
    I'll throw my 2 autos in the 11L pots, and the rest of the seeds, I'll buy a few more pots for them. So back to lots of plants again. So we'll have a 150x150 tent full of plants and hopefully until the end of may I will be harvesting a couple of pounds. That's my goal. I better get the pots and seeds thing moving so they can catch up with the current grow.
  17. I can totally relate to what your saying. I have spent more money on random stuff trying to piece together a half-way decent operation then i I wish to share.. For me its all about the journey. I may have wasted a little money and a lot of free time trying to hatchet together my own creations and devices. I learned more then i could ever share on these forums through it all however, and i have the best dope for miles...

    If i was going to start over from scratch however i would just get 2 10'x10' tents with 4 600w hps in one for flowering. And 4 400w mh in the other for veg and mothers. That would be sweet.
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    Mate the first ounce I grew probably cost me close to $1000 all things considered. Do I regret it? HELL NO, everyone's usually shit at everything the first few times they try it, that's just the way she goes. As you progress and hone your skill your interest grows, to the point where one day it will just become second nature.
    I've been planning my second grow since before I hit flower.
    With most my hobbies that first couple of hits cash wise make you second guess your commitment but usually if your passionate about it or at least enjoy it then you learn to spend your money more wisely.
    Modify a car wrong and you're in the hole ten's of thousands haha.
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