Was it worth it?

Discussion in 'General' started by Dream God, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. Never go full retard
  2. still don't get it
    education is the way man

  3. I don't see why it's confusing to people that I was purposely asking a dumb question and not actually confused about the simple premise :smoking:

    But thanks for the lengthy explanation! It didnt do that girl any good apparently lol
  4. A folding chair. Dammit.
  5. But why would you change the history of why you have something you do. It's just not a normal thought process for me. I would trade my purse for an O, but if i had to give an O to get my purse, then that would NOT be worth it.

  6. well i guess thats settled then
  7. A $600 guitar and night stand filled with duct tape, condoms, lotion, and some bullets.
  8. Very lucky because I have water!!!!!!

    Tap water
  9. emptiness

    now go to the bush and bust off anudda O
  10. a new Sega Genesis with 80 games. Hmmm not worth it. I could get one at the store for 40 bucks
  11. a headshot of a squirrel in a brown wooden 8x10 frame with a little plaque underneath that says "Squirrel February" that i got at a thrift store. I lost.
  12. an empty water bottle and an empty mountain dew can.... well fuck
  13. Very ... It's my Xperia bro :eek:

    Edit - After reading the initial posts, I'm confused now :confused_2:

  14. naw you haddd it right the first time, its good tho cuz mine was my iPhone lol
  15. :smoking: B)
  16. The wall...and the winds blowing as much as a cheap prostitue right now.
  17. Sweet, my unopened pudding and kool-aid mango-peach jammer!

    hahaaaa at least the parting will be sweet sorrow! bwahaha!
  18. either half a pouch of tobacco or an HTC one x.

    would rather the ounce at this point.
  19. A $25 table from ikea....damn you OP!

    Either way, your username is sweet.

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