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Was it worth it?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TokenGo, Jul 4, 2012.

  1. Okay, so last night we picked up a $60 ziplock full of "Bud".
    We'd never been to this dealer before but anyway, my friend went out to meet him and exchanged. Came back inside with the green, we were stoking. He said they hadn't been trimmed yet ad it was bud.

    I had a look inside and found it to be still a little moist and it seemed like there was no actual bud just the leaf around the bud part and a shitload of seeds.
    Would this have been the male plant or?

    We got realitively high, but managed to smoke it all in a night.
    So I was wondering did we get ripped off, it was kind of schwaag but I have no pics of it. Thanks.
  2. If you didn't get what you paid for, chances are, you got ripped off bro
  3. haters wanna take your paper bro, dont ever hand over cash without seeing a satisfactory product, 60 couda got you some FYRE ! but a lesson learnt

  4. an 8th of some good! but true shit, hope a lesson was learned from this :smoke:
  5. males plants do not produce seeds, they produce pollen that cause a female plant to produce I need to explain where babies come from too?

    this is basic science/botany 101 shit you learn as a little kid...

    your instance of being ripped off sounds like your friend had a hand in it...bought 10 dollars worth of shit and pocketed the rest...unless you freind is a moron/noob that buys shitweed all the time for 60 bucks...WITHOUT LOOKING AT IT...

    new 'dealers' do not fuck over people, scammers and junkies do..real dealers want return business.

  6. 60 can get a half of fire seeds...

    must be a cost of living thing, california is about 4x what it is here (one can live off less than 20k a year here, even buy a house...Podunk hillybilly state that it is...:p
  7. doesnt sound worth it
  8. Smoked the whole bag in one night?
    A ziplock bag full?
    Just to get 'relatively' high..
    Yeah, you got ripped off.
  9. yes lol
  10. Nah that isn't my friend, but I'd like to know what was the shit we got then?
    It had no real bud it as just seed and kiff (those small leaf around the bud)
  11. And thanks, hopefully we can pick up some dank shit soon.
    I live in AUS and it's out of season atm.. :/
  12. Is it really a question? Hell yeah that was a rip off. Lesson learned, this is some loser who would rather make a fast buck and not an on point weedman who knows how to keep people coming back...If it would have been me I woulda smacked fire out of someone who tried to pull that, but it wouldnt have gotten that far because I don't buy bud without a smell taste, stem-snap test, and if it's someone who I don't completely trust I want to see it on the scale.
  13. He most likely targeted you as complete, knowledgeless noobs and gave you a common household backyard plant or something.

    Shit, I wouldn't cut my losses completely. Roll that bitch up and hope for the best. At the very worst you'll have a cardiac arrest.
  14. In my opinion... HELL NO WAS IT WORTH IT, Suprised you questioned if it were legit yourself...
  15. How big was the ziplock? Like a dime bag ziplock? If so then sorry your fucked. If it was more the size of a sandwitch bag i think your fine. Uncured weed doesn't have much THC in it so people don't normally smoke it. The only time it is really smoked is when a grower wants to check the flavor of his bud.

    You most likely just bought some shitty weed. If it was decent enough weight id say he didn't rip you off unless he claimed the weed was dank.
  16. if you smoked it all in one night, it was probably crappy weed/plant. if you look at it and can't even figure out what it is(bud or plant) then you have a problem.

    in my opinion, you got ripped off. i can get 6Gs of dank for 60$, not a ziplock bag of plant remains.

    sorry to sound so offensive, but im just giving you my opinion.
  17. Twas a sandwich bag, and it was our only hookup for the night, we were pretty desperate as our regular was away.
    Thanks for the posts, next time I be making sure I'm present when they buy the goods.
    Fuck having to smoke that shit again..

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