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was it WEED that made me sick ? o:

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LeanSoakedBlunt, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. So I woke up yesterday feeling good . I got out of school, and decided to smoke with my boy. He came with his bowl and we matched up strains. We smoke only one bowl to both of us, and then the bowl started making a sparking noise (im guessing it was the resin) about 20 minutes after I smoked i felt an annoyance in my throat. I went home . Started watching tv and my high started feeling wierd. I fell asleep and I woke up with a really sore throat and my body was sore . Like when your sick . I smoked once again before calling it a night . I woke up this morning feeling HORRIBLE .

    This is NOT the first time I smoke, and after get sick. It happened to me once before .

    I am NOT a new smoker I've been smoking for 3 years. Any thoughts ?
  2. your body could be developing allergies toward the plant. It is still grass and ive seen it first hand with a buddy that smoked for well over 2 years then realized it was that but honestly your probably just getting sick man I wouldnt sweat it too much. The sparking noise that your heard and made your throat feel funny was most likely a seed.
  3. The sparking was probably flint breaking off into the bowl when you go to light. Best to fire up and then move the flame over but not on to the plant. Don't tip the lighter into the bowl then strike it. That'll make it crackle almost every time.
  4. i doubt it was the weed that made you feel like you do. as for the sparking it could of been the bowl sucking through when you hit it because it was cashed it happens all the time
  5. my guess is that ur friend was sick. because i know this one time i smoked with my dude and he had a stuffy nose, well anyways the nexxt day i had bronchitus....
  6. sparks come from to much moisture so youre bud is either fresh or really dirty unflushed mids hence the feeling like shit because your smoking the chemicals that were not flushed...hope this helps
  7. Could have been that you were already gonna get sick, also, if you were sharing a pipe/bong/joint, could have caught off friend, but i suppose it could have been the weed, but i think it's unlikely.
  8. i was going to say the crackling and feeling sick was due to a seed or stem accidently getting into your bud
  9. Just an anecdote here, but...

    I was in one dispensary one time and the bud tender obviously had a cold -was sniffling and all. I watched him open and handle jars of weed with his bare hands...

    ...problem? yes
  10. It won't get you sick... It cures cancer after all.

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