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Was it laced?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Fried Dude, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. Hey everyone,

    Last Friday I went over to my friend's house and we were chillen and we decided to light up. It was like nothing I've ever experienced. I smoked one joint that hadn't been mixed and I remember taking a huge hit before everything went weird. It was the craziest thing of my life! Things were changing colours, slowing down, I was seeing flying shapes and colours my whole body was tingling more than I've ever experienced before. I started freaking out to begin with, I had no idea what was happening! My heart rate was through the roof and all the colour had gone from my face, I didn't even feel that hungry!
    So, my question is, what it laced? My friend doesn't personally know the dude who grows it and he got it for pretty cheap. ($10AU)
    Also this is nowhere near my first time smoking weed haha.

    First post by the, hey everyone :hello::D
  2. idk man maybe it was some good shit
  3. Ohh out. You're about to get HELL for this one.

    Probably one of the most annoying posts because we get about one a day, and you know what the answer is? Nope! You're just a lightweight and got really stoned. This was probably a lot better weed than you're used to.

    Nobody in their right mind would lace LOSE money. It's common sense.
  4. It was laced for sure, go to the hospital now!
  5. Hahah sorry dudes, didn't realise so many people posted these, should I delete?
    I guess you guys are right, probably just some potent stuff.
  6. You don't need to delete it, and people can people assholes here on GC. The apprentice tokers section is for questions like this. Welcome to grasscity btw.

    You probably just got very high off of some good weed.
  7. Don'tchu worry 'bout nothin'.
  8. Nah don't delete it, it'll just be one more post for the people to see when using the Search function...if people even use it anymore lol.

    Wasn't trying to be a dick.
  9. Haha yeah I thought so, it was just completely unlike any of my other experiences with weed. Meh, not gonna stop me :D
  10. I wish I could get that stoned again.
  11. A long time ago I used to ponder this question. MOST LIKELY no it was not laced, and you underestimated its power haha :smoke:
  12. You were really high, enjoy it while you can.
  13. It could've been laced with something, that part about things changing colors sounds like a very intense high, more that what the strongest weeds will do.
  14. I wasn't really referring to you lol, just kinda giving this new blade a heads up that some people will post bad answers that aren't very helpful. :smoke:
  15. Shits laced as fuck dude
  16. Na man dont delete cause your exact expirience might be diffrent from other posts. Just ignore the doushebags who will be like " seen this just two minutes ago, use the search " fuck those assholes

    And btw maybe it was, while you do lose money lacing weed it could have been a mix up or something, everythings possible. you could just be a lightweight and smoked some really good shit, ask your friend if he felt diffrent and where he got it from. Keep doing research. I doubt it and its not the biggest thing in the world just dont smoke from the same guy
  17. Ha, my bad should of saved that comment for this guy then.


  18. Yeah, I talked to my friend..he was tripping too, funny shit hahaha. I probably am just lightweight, I'm not particularly big or anything haha.
  19. Damn. The only thing I ever smoked even when I was a nooby was medical grade. I never saw things change colors and shit. Wtf. I want your weed.

    Nevermind, it was probably laced with heroin. Fuck that.
  20. Now OP, did things actually change colors, or did colors just look more "vibrant" than usual? Because that's a normal effect of getting really torched.

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