Was it laced? I am so confused.

Discussion in 'General' started by wtfcindy, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. Wtf. Happened. ? Ok. First time getting high.

    I got high off supposedly "black haze" and now i'm wondering if it was laced.

    I don't know if it was the setting in the room or what, but I felt so trippy. Or at least thats the best word to describe it.
    But i'm confused because i've heard that you can't trip smoking weed.

    Was I just really high? It was pitch black and I was with three other people. The only light on was a flashing computer screen (we were watching sonic youth live).
    I felt normal when I was taking hits but then someone asked if I was high and then I kind of felt like the room was moving or like my eyes couldn't focus properly. Its kind of hard to explain. I kept forgetting what I was trying to say and I was trying to explain how I was feeling.

    Anyway, at that point I KNEW I was gone. I felt like I was dreaming and I kept saying that I needed to wake up. I had like no control over the words that kept falling out of my mouth. And at one point, my friend looked like she was growing, or getting larger in size. I told her that I felt like I had butter in my mouth and then she said she tasted sandpaper and she started making this sound but I could have sworn someone put her in fast foward mode because I heard her say it super fast. I kept asking her if she could really talk that fast.

    I was also kind of paranoid and at times, I felt like I wasn't high for a few seconds but then it just came rushing back. And finally after 4 hours it wore off and I was normal.

    Craziest experience. I know I was NOT imagining those feelings.

    I thought weed made you chill?

  2. end of the story.
  3. LOL no it wasnt laced

    you got high try not smoking as much next time less you smoke the weaker the effects are (duh)
  4. alright just checking, lol. Also wondering if what I felt was "normal" I guess.

    Obviously as fluffykush pointed out, i'm no expert.
  5. yea its all normal. even after 11yrs of smoking, I still get that "trippy" high sometimes off some good strains. people underestimate the herb all the time. its all good though, you'll learn to enjoy these types of highs later on ;)
  6. Yeah, the first few times you get high its waaaay fucking diferent. You'll get use to it soon enough, enjoy it because it's fucking great.
  7. When I first started getting high I could barely function. It was great, sadly, I have yet to experience that again, no matter how long my tolerance breaks last.
  8. It was probably laced with farts.
  9. i remember the first time i smoked..i smoked way to much and i was basically having a somwhat mild trip now that i look back on it..so yea nothing out of the ordinary, it just takes time for you to get used to it
  10. Yeah man, don't do what I did and not listen to people who say enjoy it while it lasts. Some of the side effects of being super stoned when you start (weird, sometimes uncomfortable sensations, not being able to function in front of people, acting really weird) can be weird, but honestly just enjoy it while you can. Soon enough, your highs will feel ALOT more normal, and not as much fun.
  11. Hey man, Sounds like you had a crazy time. People underestimate The Ganja all the time ( as said before). Here in NJ, NJ dro can be better than A LOT of the dank that comes around, And you get more bud for your buck.

    Last night, Myself, Luis,Chris,Chris, Shane. We split a 2 gram blunt of some "regular NJ DRO". We were all amazingly fucked up, Laughing at EVERYTHING. We basically chilled outside for 2 hours, riding scooters and skateboards and busting our asses.

    Moral of story? I don't really know, But you should smoke a little less next time?
  12. It wasn't laced and I will tell you why.

    Anything that you could possibly lace weed with, and that would actually have an effect on you due to the high temperatures would cost the dealer many times the price of the weed you bought off of them.

    Why would anyone lace a dime bag ($10) with $20-$30 of coke only to sell it for $10??
  13. Man I miss those days, you just gotta ride with it. I couldn't function at all then I would get either framed or funnel vision. When I turn my head I'd lock into a picture and couldn't adjust my sight. Then when I looked at something else it would be completely different in every perception

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