Was it a good idea to remove all the fan leaves or was it a bad idea

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by cubitt, May 3, 2016.

  1. I trimmed off all my fan leaves because my plant wasn't getting enough light for the caylyxs and I was wondering if it was going to hurt that plant really badly

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  2. i guess youll see now wont you...
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  3. At the very least it's pretty damn funny, so there's always that lol!

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  4. Gotta be a troll post guys. Nobody is THAT ________.

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  5. Getting the Hanuka decor out early this year i see.
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  6. *facepalm*
  7. Lol ouch
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  8. Hahahaha! Got that thing lookin like some sorta Charlie Brown Christmas tree!
  9. K done some reading on dif forums and now i know the fan leaves are like factories producing (big words) for the plant. Ive also seen success with this (not first hand) but the majority was FAIL... Thanks for the help :)

    Documenting noobs first grow

  10. At the very end of the grow you might take a few to let light in not all of them, poor plant didn't stand a chance

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  11. Success with light defoliation sure, stripping it naked no. I would like to see those success stories.
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  12. Surely you realise no leaves,no photosynthesis? I'm a noob,and I defoliated but you've gone overboard bruv.(you'd make a good bud trimmer)
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  13. Rip to your plant.. :bongin:
  14. An excellent Charlie Brown Christmas plant :(:)


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