Was in jail most of the nighthe is

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  1. okay so I baught a dub of someone today I had the dub and a bowl on me while in the dealers girls car, this is 11:30 we get pulled over for a broken headlight. I hid the bowl and dub under a bag and the cop says he smells bud, they search all of us find nothing, they search the car and find my boys ounce and my stuff. They arrest me and his girl takes the blame because he is a minor and she didn't want him to get in trouble. I got bailed out and got home. My parents slept through this whole thing and dnot know. Tomorrow I gotts call and say I'm changing my address son they don't send anything to my parents house. I think these guys are gonna blame the ounce on me :/ I'm so scared my parents will find out
  2. Hiding legal trouble from parents never works. Just tell them. Also this site is for people 18+
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  3. they dont mail yer parents dude
    WTF is this yer first time gettin pinched?
  4. hahaha be of good cheer youngun theres alot of bullshit still comin
  5. As a adult I just turned 18 and i live with my parents dude, they will get that letter and know. I got out of ydc (Juvie in nh) after 2 years on and off
  6. I am 28 I just live with my parents. And have no where else to go
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  7. no dude yer fine
  8. Yo don't think they mail you anything after that, I told them where I live and that's with my parents, do you think that I will get screwed? I hope I can get it suspended and avoid probation
  9. no dude yer fine
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  10. I'm just saying they will probably find out eventually. I would tell my parents, but that's just me.
  11. I'm just saying they will probably find out eventually. I would tell my parents, but that's just me.

    It wasn't even your weed anyways. The police will probably drop the charges or give you a year of probation, amd it would be the lowest level of supervision.
  12. ive had 11 felonys 31 misdeamenors and 302 in custody incidents never got any mail
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  13. If they find out later after its taken care of idc
  14. I can't tell if your kiddimg
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  15. Shoulda ran bro
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  16. Wish I was in a position wear I could have
  17. The minor shoulda owned up and taken the blame. Would have gotten a docket, a fine, and some community service
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  18. But seriously dude you should never ride with a ton of weed in the car. That's just asking for trouble. If you are going to carry any at all only carry enough for personal use. Usually if you all deny it being yours they will just pin it on the vehicle owner/driver. If you were the only person with weed actually on them and the cops don't want to ruin a minors life they may put it on you.
  19. Of course you're going to get mailed stuff. A speeding ticket already will generate random attorney correspondence to the house advertising their services since your offense will be made public. Any future document interaction with the government will be via mail as well, like a summons etc.

    Coming out to parents about fucking up (again) is terrifying at that age. It is however a lot better than making the situation worse and worse. If you honestly can handle the whole thing without getting yourself deeper into it, have at it. I would however make damn sure I'm not making it worse by hiding.

    As far as the legal stuff goes, what did they charge you with exactly that resulted in the arrest? You can't get taken to jail for "riding with a dealer". They had to charge you possession already, meaning they already pinned the contents of the car, or some of the contents of the car on you. In order to arrest you and not charge you with possessing the stuff, they'd have to charge you with something like sale facilitation/collaboration.

    You may be able to find out exactly where you stand by going down there and asking to find out what you are being charged with. I know if I were in your situation and unsure of what's going on, I would be in touch with the law and an attorney right after that asap.
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  20. OP, in another post from yesterday you write "so my mom and all her friends are in their 50's...and everyone smokes joints religiously. I'm telling you my mom has 2 bowls and will only use them as a last resort."
    Old people and joint

    Sounds like you have stoner parents. Tell them about what happened to you. If you live with them and are being charged with something, there is no way they will not find out anyway.

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