Was i ripped off ?

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  1. Can someone link me to a photo of what a ten bag of weed would look like... £10 isn't much but i just want to know this girl i got it off didnt take some of it :3

  2. What area are you in?
  3. A (ten) usually a dime (1 gram of pot). Depends on area, and quality. If its super chronic it can be 20 a gram. So you could've gotten chronic and it was 20 a gram and got .5 for 10.

    Or she pinched your bag, just about everybody does. And nobody can give you a picture to be honest because weed has different density's. Some weed can be fluffy as hell and not weigh for shit, other weed can be really dense and weigh a lot, or it's brick weed, weed that is compacted together.

    When you buy it next time discuss things like quality, the price per gram. And if you don't want to get ripped off ask to weigh it on their scale or get you're own and way it in front of them. Not like they can get mad cause you want what you paid for.

    Or maybe she pinched it a bit cause she had to get it for you, gas and time.
    Upload a pic
  4. a ten bag should be 1/16 of an o

    its not much mate
  5. actually it would be 100/560ths of an ounce
  6. If it's mids it should be enough to roll a blunt that is full length (minus the cancer paper) and about 1/2 the girth of the actual blunt before it was gutted.
  7. post the pic of your sack and we'll tell you, cause obviously you dono wtf a 10 sack looks like anyways, so what good would a picture do?
  8. erm no

    1/8 of an o is £20

    therefore 1/16 of an o is £10

    OP is obviously from England, and these are the standard prices in London. Don't chat shit to me about this, you're not from my ends so you can't comment on prices etc
  9. Post a picture, im from the Uk as well, So should easily be able to tell you :)
  10. Just smoke it...People get ripped off probably everyday all the fucking time and your complaining over a gram...
  11. both of your thumb nails combined should be a good comparison
  12. Lol both my thumbnails combined are like 3 hits.
  13. you're on thin ice my pedigree chum, and Im going to be under it when it breaks.

    now fuck off. Wamp wamp wamp chika wamp wamp wamp
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  14. Really i've always known it as a 10bag being a 10bag because it cost's £10. Not the weight of the bag.
  15. yeah, as i said a 10bag is 1/16 of an o
  16. i think some deserves a cunt punt
  17. So when i used to buy 10bags that were 1.4 grams they wer 1/16th and now when i buy 10bags and they wegih 1 or 1.1. or 1.2 grams thats also 1/16th of a an Oz, hmmm sorry mate.
  18. obviously weights differ slightly depending on area but yeah they are called 10bags because they're £10. I meant that but it may have sounded differently from my head to my words and stuff
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    ummm yeah you did dude haha, maybe its because i live in Colorado && getting a decent sack isn't that hard && its very cheap. But then again you never know street value in Michigan is triple then in Colorado

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