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was i ripped off?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by blurryface, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. I gave someone I know $20 because he was going to his dealer to get weed, and I asked him to get me some. I'm new to smoking so I'm not exactly sure exactly how much weed this would get me. But he came back with 4 rolled joints for me. All I know is the strain is northern lights. Does this sound about right for 20 bucks?
  2. Depends on so many things.
    Is it Dank or Dirt?
    How thick are the J's?
    Where do you live.?

  3. I live out side of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the suburbs. It's pretty dank stuff. They're rolled in cigarette papers, so they're as thick as a cigarette but packed pretty tightly.
  4. Sounds like a fine deal, assuming they're decent sized joints and decent quality weed.
  5. cigarette papers burn too fast for weed imo. I'd take out all the weed and either take bong rips or re-roll them in some zig zags
  6. Are you happy? Then its a good deal... Enjoy
  7. If you got 4 fat joints of northern lights for 20 bucks then consider yourself lucky.
  8. ^^ I agree with above post. Not only did you get some green, but its already rolled and ready to go, which presumably for a newbie also has a monetary value. If you really want to be sure, remove all the bud and weigh it out. If you don't have a scale, get one. It will come in handy allowing you to weigh your shit in the future as well, which will add to your experience of knowing whats a good deal and whats a bad deal.
  9. sounds like you actually got a pretty awesome deal, if they are actually northern lights hahahah.

    i would learn proper increments though, people will often take advantage of the fact that some people don't know them, and rip them off.

    just sayin' so you're safe :)

  10. I live in a suburb of Pitt as well and for the joints being dank you did not get ripped of
  11. $20 were I live can get u a blunt:/ p

  12. Sounds alright for 20 bucks, although we don't know the quality so we can't say.
    Also, I wouldn't smoke pre-rolled joints if I were you, you don't know what's in that shit.
  13. Ya I'd say rip them up, check it out and just re roll them because u don't know what they put inside. One time in high school this dealer sold another guy weed mixed with pubes in 2 rolled joints (true story)
  14. hahaha! I heard pubes get you higher
  15. Red female do!
  16. Don't smoke already rolled weed, it's an old rule .

  17. You think that's bad? lol. An acquaintance of mine sold this dude a blunt and there was a smashed cockroach up in there. Let the dude smoke the whole thing by himself and he was blazed lol. But he still smoked a whole fuckin' cockroach.. Funny but so disgusting at the same time. That's why he's an acquaintance lol.
  18. my dad gave his roomate back in collage cat shit and he said it was hash guy smoked it and swore it was the best he ever had
  19. Not a bad deal, but take the joints apart and examine the weed for anything funny-looking.

    Unless you're buying from a legitimate dispensary or coffeeshop, I would never personally buy pre-rolled joints, cause you never really can be sure what is in it...

  20. What are the standard prices in your area?

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