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Was I illegally searched?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Fangor, Mar 31, 2011.

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    A few days ago at school I believe I was wrongfully searched. During class time I was in the bathroom for about 10 minutes just sitting on the toilet seat, as I was feeling sick and didn't feel like going to class. This huge black guy suddenly knocks on the door and tells me I'm taking too long in there and that I need to come out. Creepy thing is he also said my legs were crossed, so he must have been looking:confused_2:. He asks me if he can search my bag and I say no, then he takes me to the office. I argued with the guy there and he bullshitted me with something about an "Education Act" allowing him to do this. I let him search me since I had nothing and just wanted to go, but WTF?? I understand they can search based on a reasonable suspicion, but I wasn't high and the only suspicious thing I did was take a long time in the bathroom. I would completely understand if I looked high or if they searched my locker, but personal property is different. People do roll joints there, but I don't think it was a big enough drug use sign to warrant a search. I live in Canada if it matters.
  2. I'm not sure about Canada, but in America, you lose a lot of your rights when you're on campus.
  3. In Cali at least, you lose your privacy right once setting foot on campus.
  4. Dude if I was shitting and someone knocked on the door that would be such a buzzkill... high or not high..
  5. On school property, minors have no rights at all, not even to privacy.
  6. I'm not sure about Canada's education system, but beleive me, in the U.S. at least, they don't need reason to search while you're in school. School officials technically act "In loco parentis" which is a fancy latin term for "in place of your parents" so as long as you are in school they are your acting guardians and they don't need your consent so long as they consent.
    Example - School unaware of cop, random cop bangs on bathroom door, search ensues...illegal search
    School official gives the go ahead, cop knocks, search
  7. I heard that the same thing happened to a friend of mine recently... also in canada. He told me he was taken out of class and whatever belongings he had on him at the time (bag and clothes) were searched. I'm pretty sure they had a good reason to search him as well, since he recently starting smoking bud and as far as i know he hasn't been hiding it too well at school and im guessing there were times where he slipped up and made it obvious that there was a transaction going on, since you really won't get in trouble for just being high in class if a teacher does somehow find out(depends on the teacher too sometimes). I don't know about any education act but all im telling you now is that it happens, but it is usually based on at least somewhat credible evidence. It's your call whether you think the search was justified or not man.

  8. sadly this is true... :(
  9. legal search but fuckin lame....kinda of same as airports....u give up those rights to board the plane, u do the same when u enter, but if ur careful youll be fine...
    i got locked in my HS bathroom once for 7 was an accident but i wound up suing the school and the had to pay me $20k for "educational abuse" lmao!!
    i was very scared for those 7 hours im not gonna least i could take a shit if i had to :)

  10. whaaat?? 7 hours! thats nuts. was it after school or during classes. sounds better than classes as i remember them
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    man it was near the end of the day...around 1:45 pm
    my hs was connected to a grammer school which had cleaner bathrooms...i went in to take a shit, heard a lock on the door, then spent the next 7 hours periodically knocking on the door or screaming....finally a priest heard me and let me out, u shoulda seen his face!!!! it was about 10 pm when i got out...i was so fuckin hungry the priest (nice guy) took me out to a diner to eat and i told him the story, he was the one to actually recommend pressing charges (priest hustler i love it)
    but yea it sucked, but it all worked out, if he didnt pass by to do his "security check" i couldve been in there til the next day....this was before cell phones

    also i got detention for a week for using am "unauthorized bathroom"
  12. u weren't illegally searched since you were on campus. but i would have told the dude to go fuck himself if he was trying to talk to me while i'm in the middle of taking a shit.

  13. a weeks detention for 20K sounds about right :p
  14. #14 Fangor, Mar 31, 2011
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    I knew about that in the states, I had no idea it applies in Canada. I work at a store, and I couldn't imagine security asking to check someone's purse for stolen merchandise because they spent a long time in the bathroom. It's sad that you lose your rights given by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms/US Constitution when you enter a school. School staff have more power over you than the police in school!

    And I wasn't shitting I was just sitting on the lid with my pants on... I felt nauseous. If I was shitting I would have been like "Fuck off Im taking a dump!"
  15. yep, you basically wave about half of your basic human rights when you walk onto school property until you get to college. It's unfortunate, but it's entirely legal.
  16. Dude I would have done 24 hours in a bathroom for $20k
  17. ya when i was in HS man i had this teacher that always stared me down when i was blazed he never told anyone else though
  18. they have signs all through my campus saying they can search you under any circumstance.
  19. section 7 of the Canadian charter of rights and freedoms states and i quote "every person has the right against unreasonable search or seizure" similar things happened to me and i succefully told them to go fuck themselves
  20. Yeah Ive never read anything stating that that right doesnt apply to students. My school doesnt have anything posted anywhere saying that they can or will search people for any reason, not even in the school rules.

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