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Was I high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by perpetuallyhuma, May 24, 2010.

  1. Hey guys!
    I've just recently been dabbling with weed...since I'm new to it, I'm not sure if I've been high. I've done it three times so far...I'm scared that weed doesn't "work" with me as well as others.
    My friends laugh a lot and stuff, and sometimes I do too. I feel like I drank a little. I can concentrate more on nature and stuff. Music sounds a bit better too. I get a little excited, I run around a bit...but I worry. I don't feel fantastic. Just okay. My first times I only took like 5 hits but today I did a lot, really inhaled. But I didn't feel that great...just sleepy. I want to feel the high my friends feel, the high that pot heads love. I wonder if that's what I feel? How did you feel your first few times? How many times did it take you to get "high?" Was I high?
  2. I've heard some people don't get high the first few times. Make sure you are taking proper hits, fully inhaling, and holding for at least a few seconds.

    When you get high, man, you'll know it.


  3. youll learn to love it. keep goin at it. trust me you wont regret it =)

  4. I was fortunate enough to get "stoned" the first time I smoked. You sound like you got really high, actually - I get sleepy when I'm really really stoned. I also get couch locked like a mother fucker
  5. I smoked five times before I actually got high.

    Sounds like you were buzzed, but not full-on stoned.

    Just smoke more! and make sure you are inhaling properly.
  6. Some people dont get high there first time, just keep smokeing. And make sure your getting the smoke into your lungs and your holding your hits. The first couple times i smoked i didnt get high either
  7. Yeah, I think you may be right about the "buzzed" vs. stoned thing...
    Is it stupid to worry that I'll never get high? I honestly am a bit worried...I guess I should try it a few more times before I say that.
    How many times did it take you guys to get seriously high?
  8. Na bro dont worry. just when you smoke make sure you take some big rips and try to suck them down as far into your lungs as you can and hold them in till you cant any longer. If you start to cough that means you took a good hit. you will know when your sit and stare at something and think about random shit and not move.
  9. LOL... I smoked like (double digits) in 2009 before I actually got HIGH... I was doing it to be cool and never really cared to get big hits like the other guys getting high... we even had a session with 3 guys / 2 blunts and 2 black... i STILL didn't get high

    When I got high i was with a few college guys in a car hotboxing... we freestyled and i was fine... but when the car moved i FREAKED the FUCK out... i thought i was high before but for that moment i panicked :hello:

    but after you get high plenty of times you learn to love it :)

  10. It's different for everyone man. Don't worry man, try it a few more times and make sure you are inhaling properly.

    I got luckier than most, I got really, REALLY high my first time. But then my first time was with a long-time smoker friend, and he strapped me with a fucking gas mask and had me smoke two bowls of some medical shit... then we watched Starship Troopers.
  11. After you pull the smoke into your mouth, make your stomach big like you used to when you were a kid pretending to be pregnant. That'll make sure you inhale it right. It only fails if you hold your breath
  12. if you have to ask if you got high, then you didn't. you'll know.
  13. Just remember, when you get REALLY high the first time, don't freak out or get paranoid. The cops aren't after you, and nobody cares that you're high, even if they can tell. Plus remember it's not permament and you CAN'T overdose. The first time I got way stoned I was thinking I OD'ed, but then I thought about it rationally and realized that you actually cannot overdose, and that it will go away eventually, and after that, I jsut enjoyed the shit out of it.
  14. The first time I got really high, I spent half an hour laughing because I tried to say marshmallow. I have no clue why it was so funny to me or why I couldn't stop laughing but I realized I was really high mid-way through that laugh.
  15. Smoke some dank shit the first time i smoked it was like "THE BEST" dank around i felt like i was vibrating perfect body high
  16. The first time I smoked, it was salvia, and I didn't feel a thing. That's probably because I wasn't really sure about how bubblers worked and didn't inhale the hit and basically coughed a lot.

    Almost 2 years later, I tried weed, and I took a few bong rips, then we drove to a different spot where I took a few more bong rips, and I got pretty high. I wasn't really sure what being high on marijuana felt like, although I could imagine, so I just assumed I was high and chilled with my friend and smoked a few more times that night. By the end of the night, I definitely knew I was high. I had to smoke a lot for it to happen though, and the shit we had was headies, so it was great stuff.

    After the third or so time I smoked, I definitely knew what it felt like to be high, and I could feel my high increasing with each hit. I started to learn about how weed affected me. If you're still not to the point where you feel as high as your friends, remember to inhale to your lungs, and hold the hit. Just keep trying, and you'll feel high eventually!
  17. 2 times....first time i didin't get high at all, how ever the 2nd time i did it with an experienced toker....i was so baked i didn't even know how to put the curtan back on the window when i accidently nocked it over, rofl...i suggest you smoke with someone that has a higher tollerance, like maybe your dealer?:):smoking::)
  18. i didnt get noticibly high my first about 5 times until i got good at taking good sized hits and holding them and then i sarted to get super blazed. enjoy it while it lasts :)
  19. i was most definetly not very high my first few times, just a buzz. I haven't smoked that much either and it's really been just recently that ive reeeeeaally started to get stoned. Ive become better at taking hits and inhaling which i think helped. You'll know, just keep at it.
  20. yeah high i really dont remember the first time i smoked but it was awesome and i would love to get high like that again...


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