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Was I High Or My Grass Laced?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by raggydawg137, May 25, 2013.

  1. Hey guys, first off, I'm loving the stoner love. I have another account - felrend137, on which I asked a week ago how to get the most of .5 grams, but my account got fucked up. We ended up having .7, and used my old tobacco pipe I got from my grandad. We cut it up, put about .3 in the bowl and lit up. I took about 2 good, big hits and when my friend was asking me to light his 3rd bowl, my mind started going blank and I couldn't light him. Then I started forgetting what I was saying mid sentence, and after about 30 seconds I was dying laughing, the sky and ground were pink (even though it was night and really dark), my vision kept cutting in and out like strobe lights, and my body was moving in weird and involuntary ways. I remember us rolling around and running and stuff in the back yard in the dark, and laying on the ground next to my friend then all of a sudden he was peeing on the fence next to me, and we ended up going I'm the house and I spent like a whole minute closing the door. I had to concentrate really hard to do anything, and everything was fuzzy and vibrating and stuff, and I did get cotton mouth and time felt soooo slow. I remember getting up to make some chocolate milk to moisten my mouth and I decided to make water instead cuz stirring up chocolate milk sounded so difficult. The next morning I saw that I left the milk and chocolate syrup out hah. Anyways, I felt the effects for several hours, and I am 100% positive it was legit, not a placebo effect. So, was
    this really dank weed or laced or what? It was my first time, and wasn't what I was expected.... we tripped major ballsack. I think I may have even taken a hit or two that idont remember.
  2. do you mean your first time smoking weed or first time tripping balls? lol
  3. u waz smiggity-shmacked
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  4. Sounds like some kids who cant handle bud yet. I dont think I've met anybody that does that kind of stuff besides their first time high. :confused_2:
    No matter how high you got I am still going to say it wasn't laced. Lacing seriously never happens. Why would a dealer want to lose money just to get you higher?
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  5. It was my first time smoking weed
  6. and thats why you got super high, no lacing needed to scare beginners.
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    lol. its not laced. its just you aint use to weed yet. I remember my first time hallucinating I was camping with my friends and could see lasers and shiz coming from the trees I was proper baked hah.
  8. I think I was schmacked. GanjFarmer, it was our first time so we have basically no tolerance. I saw you say on another post that laced weed is a myth, and I'm totally with your logic, but this stuff came from a highschooler who didn't even measure it right, so I wouldn't be surpriced if he was trying to be funny or something putting something in it
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  9. Ah the first ten times high....those were the days
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  10. true that hah
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  11. I really doubt it was laced man it just costs people more money to lace it and they cant sell it for more. I have heard of people dipping bud in formaldehyde though and that wouldnt up the cost of them to do it since you can probably dip for a really long time with the same stuff. I doubt your bud was dipped in formaldehyde either though you were probably just stoned out of your gourd.
  12. unless it was all ground up when u got it. they could of mixed in salvia Lmao
  13. You should look at the color and textur etc but more than likely it wasn't laced. First time i got high i could've sworn somebody kept knocking on my door and that i had 2 bodies inside of me, keep smokin and you'll be used to it
    :laughing:  :laughing:  :laughing:  :laughing:  :laughing:  :laughing:  :laughing:  :laughing:  :laughing:  :laughing:  :laughing:  :laughing:
    No, it's not.
    OP, you were just really high. lol.  The first few times I smoked, I was so high that if I touched my hair I could taste it through  my fingertips.  :bongin:   THC can be quite psychedelic in high doses.
  15. No one is gonna lace weed for free..unless you hanging out with those mexicans in 'FRIDAY'..the ones that got Smokey fucked up lmao.
  16. Lol thanks guys, I guess that was just some dank shit. It was $20 for a gram, after all. Cool, we're gonna probably toke up again tonight but I'm definitely taking only one hit until I can feel it
  17. You were high. 
    hahaha you just got really high. I got exactly all the same effects you're talking about my first 5 or 10 times. It was most intense the first time though. Smoking dank with 0 tolerance will have that effect...don't worry it's not laced.
    Next time you get that high, have sex or jerk feeling. ever.
    Oh yeah and saviour it, soon you'll never be able to get that high again.
  19. oh yeah and listen to loud music with your eyes closed and you might get these amazing visuals like I used to get back then
  20. OP, in my opinion, and I am in no way an expert on the subject, but that sounds like to me you smoked crystal meth. Pretty crazy shit, I'd stay away from it!

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