Was highschool really the best years of your life?

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  1. My highschool experience was not the best years of my life. Probably the worst in fact.

    Was highschool great for you or terrible?
  2. it was about an 8
    in a way the best, because you could really be careless.
  3. it was okay, i enjoyed college way more.
  4. ^ that exactly
  5. I hated it and couldn't wait to leave at the time, now I kinda miss it.
  6. I didnt like it too much at the time, but now I kinda miss it. Mostly just miss my friends, I had a really close knit group of friends and we did some stupid shit. College is the tits though :D
  7. I hated highschool. I didnt even bother going senior year, i just finished up at a community college.

    You learn nothing that will benefit you in the future. All of the drama is so lame its
    Unbearable. I had a ton of friends at my school but i still couldnt stand it, i had to dip outta that shit
  8. It was something. I like to humor the idea that it never existed as that's about how much HS it's self affected me.
  9. High School was cool. At the time I thought it was awesome...looking back on it now, it wasn't THAT great. I had a good high school experience tho so I can't complain
  10. Screw high school, college all the way.
  11. no responsibilities, got to get away with being moody and depressive, everything was dramatic.

    haha i loved high school. but i have a preoccupation with things dramatic and moody lol
  12. this.
  13. What I remember most is the incredible people who were there then, at both the HS's I went to. (My family moved during the summer between 10th & 11th grades).

    I played on 5 sports teams (frosh, JV & Varsity football, and spring track & field)...each one was a league champion! And, I was a musician--trombone & tuba--for 9th & 10th grades, with an incredibly talented bunch of band/orchestra mates. (Had to give it up after I moved, because of schedule conflicts.)

    Academics--as soon as I got off the Regents track after 9th grade (yes, I'm talking about New York State!) my grades picked up big time...and my last 2 years, at a top-rated HS in Pennsylvania, I was in the Top Third of my class without having to kill myself studying all the time, and I got accepted to the university that I applied to early--the Offer of Admission arrived on my the first day of my senior year!

    (BTW, my last year in NY State was also the year of the "Great Regents Rip-Off," when all those science, math, foreign language, english & social studies exams were all cancelled, because of a school safe break-in in Brooklyn that led to tests & answers spreading statewide.)

    University was even better...a bunch of classes that I had in hs got me ready to do uni-level coursework, so (again) I didn't have to kill my self studying, and I graduated in four years with a 2.90 GPA...after discovering the herb during my freshman year!

    Grad school was too easy academically, but it was another great bunch of people who I had as classmates, profs, and neighbors.

    Ahh, memories....
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    Well kinda thinking back on it..go too school faded fuck with the teachers, they fuck with you, lunch time sessions, after school kickbacks and night parties filled with bp and a plethora off mutha fuckers that would always loose to me. Fuck I enjoyed it. Didn't enjoy the drama and stereotyping tho..that sucked the worst. But fuck em gaff more fun with my homies then those nutjobs.

    No responsibilities no care for days and the grades just fell in my lap. College sucks. Well maybe cause I'm in med school. So much fucking studying, no time for kicking it and no time for the herb straight up. Making my d am rec useless......almost ;)
  15. I enjoyed it, hardly any responsibilities and I didn't have drama. Focused on having fun, wrestling, and getting money. No job, not as much work as college, and pizza every Wednesday
  16. humh. you'll have the pros n cons of it all but overall it was a waste of time cause i am a working man n it take time away from daily life, where u should be making a living and sharing it with loved ones not being taught shit over and over. i think they should make high school like colledge with an option to start your colledge courses to prepear ourselfs
  17. High School sucked

    The poularity contests and shit ~> I hated that BS

    Plus, teenagers can be srsly fucking mean.....

    AND, some teachers fucked with me, too

    High School really leaves a scar and college was worse
  18. i hated high school. Didn't fit in, got in plenty of fights, didn't have any "friends" but didn't realize that until college and actually made real friends. Nothing but fucking drama and I wouldn't go back to save my life.

    My highschool was <400 students so everyone knew everyone's business and it was easy to not be part of the group that fit in. My college had over 30,000ppl and was an infinitely better experience.
  19. im aving waaaayyyyyyy more fun in college than HS

    HS was lame, lame ass parties, parents dont want u drinking or smoking etc etc...in college ur on your own so u can do what u want, way better parties, girls, and girls

    i pity people whos HS years were their best lol
  20. lolno. Mine was pretty bad except for the last two years.

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