Was God bored when he created the universe?

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  1. This is one of many questions I have to ask the God believers, but any Atheist can jump in if you like.

    If God has been around for eternity, ETERNITY mind you, why would he all of a sudden 6-10,000 years decide to create the universe?

    After being around for eternity, did he finally get bored?

    Did he run out of other things to do?

    I would like to hear some viewpoints on this.
  2. Who ever said the Universe is the only one that has ever existed?

    The Hindu scriptures claim the Universe comes into being and then dissolves via Cosmic Absorption in cycles, the same way everything in the Universe happens by cycles, even if the length of the cycles are too long for us to observe.
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    did u seriously just say that the universe was only 6-10 thousand years old? c'mon the universe is billions of years old :smoke:

    and i do not understand why some people feel the need to attack the basis of other people's religions and beliefs. it is their decision to believe what they want and they should not have to justify it or defend it to anyone. they obviously have the resources in todays world to learn the facts and probably have learned those facts it is simply their chosen belief
  4. Could someone please point out the bible verse that claims the universe is only 6-10000 years old?

    I'm pretty sure people are mixing up the students interpretations of the professors authoritative teaching. It'd be a lot like you wrongly answering some math problems and I view that as logical reason to discredit mathematics entirely.
  5. Of course it is billions of years old. I was using the Bible time line.

    Even at billions of years, what is that compared to eternity
  6. We are not alone, we could be gods smallest project.
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    I agree, but why the long wait?
  8. i really wanna know what happens when you get sucked into a black hole? thats a bit trippy
  9. The beauty of it is mystery, no one knows anything, it's a feeling,a belief that keeps you going,not knowing whats the end but how to end.
  10. Still waiting for that bible verse that teaches the actual date of creation........

    If your going to try to refute the Bible, then use verses from that Bible to break it down please.

    I have a feeling I'll be waiting as long as you think God sat around before the big bang...
  11. I know allot of Christians who are big time bible thumpers but some agree that the earth was NOT created thousands of years ago, but still believe god was the creator of the universe. I put my beliefs in God, I only started doubting religion after the internet was around
  12. Don't let the internet effect you man,believe what you wana believe not because it's believable.
  13. im sure he was busy fucking some virgins or someshit.

    lol no, im sure he has other shit going then just one universe.
  14. Well it has affected my beliefs as a orthodox christian. There's just so many unanswered questions.. I still keep my faith in god, and will forever be thankful for Christ whether or not people choose to believe in him, he stood for Love, and Peace . Ill probably get bashed for saying that, but oh well i know there are a lot of atheist on Gc that have some interesting points. And Ive watched countless documentaries that both agree with the bible and contradict the bible. Does any one know for sure? No.
  15. Me too.
  16. That kind of thinking has landed people in mental hospitals.
  17. Can you be sure of that?
  18. You bifurcate into a single stream of atoms.
  19. Ok, you're not going to find that date in the Bible. I never said it was in there either. But there was a bishop that figured it out using the time all the people lived and begot and begot etc. to determine when it was created. In fact he give the exact day time and year.
    I don't believe it but most Christens do.
  20. Sounds right to me.

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