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Was Given THC infused olive oil from my cook....

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by pickaplex0, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. Was going to have a breakfast this morning of balsamic vinegar and my weed olive oil with some foccacia bread, but decided to put it aside till I got some more info. Lettme back up a little

    My friend is an extrodinary (weed) cook. I'm a regular customer at this point, I almost enjoy eating my weed more than smoking it (and thats after about 6-7 years of errday smoking). This is about the dozenth time he's made olive oil, I just was never sure of actually getting any for myself. When I rubbed some on a sore muscle, however, it worked better than, say, lidocaine or procaine would.

    Sooo, my question; This bottle of oil is 250ml, with one ounce of high quality shake infused; what dose should i start out with? Think a few teaspoons would be too much?

    Thanks for any and all help!

  2. I been making the olive oil for my grandmother for over a year now. I put just under an ounce into the batches I do for her. She'll take a spoon full before bed, or eat a brownie. Now strains, quality of weed, indica/satvia all makes the oil come out different. I would start off small to see how strong it is for future events. Just by saying though if your used to edibles a spoon full in your food should be fine. Factors though.
  3. Thank you very much :hello: I probably would've ended up taking waay more than I wanted (probably wouldn't have stopped at 2 tablespoons).

    I'm curious though about how the factors of the bud used would affect to olive oil. I have an ounce of the same shake (same batch, same harvest) as the weed put into my olive oil. It's definitely high grade, and is sativa-dominant. Plants were beautiful but had small yields, if that makes a difference. My cook takes great care in his work too.

    -Could you say, if I had my cook use a heavy indica, how qualitively differently the effects would be? The same difference as smoking them? Would the oil have a higher THC content with certain buds?
    My chef always uses sativas, so I'm actually already interested in getting him to whip up another batch with some of my other shake if it makes a big difference (always like variety :smoking:).

    I'm downing a Hope I can hear back. Thanks again for the advice. ;)
  4. If its an indica strain your getting end up getting extreme couch lock eat your whole fridge and eventually pass out from the end of it all. If its on the sativa high you get a nice high not so much body as the indica but more cerebal if you understand what I mean. As the for the bud itself, just having good bud helps makes the edibles last longer etc. Just take the oil as you go so you don't find yourself too high and can't come down for a bit lol.

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