Was considering pulling a plant this morning, then it started raining

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by krowned, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. I checked on my plants last nice and saw one i was considering pulling today when i woke up.Well EARLY this morning it started raining. It only poured for a little bit so its not soaked. but i was wondering if i could still pull it and hang it? or will it get moldy?
    SHould i just leave it?
  2. Is it warm where you are goings to hang it? (around 70) Is the humidity going to be low? If you pulled it cut the fan leaves and cut it down some hang it and put a fan it should be fine considering the temp and humidity will be fine.
  3. I heard night time is the best time to harvest
  4. might wait til tomorrow if its sunny it will be dry then cut tom night?
  5. is the plant reay for harvest? if it is harvest at night
  6. i would let it get dry before u cut it. if u cut it after it rains when its wet, it will probably take longer to dry in the dark with a fan than it will just in the sun and wind. so after it dries the next sunny day, cut it that night
  7. I'd let it go for a day or 2 more just to make sure. Good question though.

    It all depends on the humidity and temp that you'd be drying though.

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