Was broke, now making DAT MONEY.

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  1. I have been working at a Burger King for a while, over the summer my hours got cut a lot, down to like 18 a week, making me barely able to pay my rent. I searched for a different job. Got hired at a Whataburger basically next door to my BK, and hours have picked up at burger king. Now Im working about 60 hours a week, kind of alot but i need money, my financial aid for college was suspended and all these hours are gonna make me able to definitely save up for next semester, and fix my car up, and buy mad weed.

    Lets look at the numbers, shall we?

    BK: 30 hours/week @ 7.25= 217.50

    WB: 30 hours/week @ 8.25= 247.50

    Thats 465 a week, or 1860 a month befor taxes. FUCK YEA. Life is looking a little better now, and with being at work all the time I feel I'll be spending less then I would otherwise.
  2. leaves you 108 hours to sleep and play!
  3. Sleep is overrated and I can play enough, with my current situation Money is definitely top priority.
  4. Why don't you get a real job...
  5. Please define a "real" job?
  6. He's in the middle of school dude.
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    Looks like college you dumb hatin bitch

    We do not need the name calling! 420!
  8. LOL!! This guy thinks "middle of school" means middle school...Funniest thing I have seen on here in weeks...

  9. You should be a server:

    40 hours a week will easily bring you in $400-$500.
  10. A job where you aren't working with a bunch of 15 year olds.
  11. The guy is working hard to pay for college...It doesn't get realer than that.

    Are you not aware there is a job shortage in this country, and any job right now should be considered a plus?

    By the way, what do you do?
  12. cant believe people would really hate on this guy for working hard and going through college..at least he isnt sitting at home being fat and sponging of the goverment
  13. good job dude. looking to get a job at a fast food restaraunt soon -_-
  14. Pot chocolate is just mad because he never got a call back from McDonalds. Don't worry, the corner of McD's will hire you.
  15. Hey man do what you gotta do to get that paper. I would try to keep the WB and ditch BK to find a better paying job. That way you are getting .50 cents more than at BK, and if you get a better waiter or serving job at a real restaurant you could be makin some bank with tips and 2 jobs.
  16. Yeah and being a cook at a nice restaurant isn't so bad either. You may start by making salads and shit like that but if you work hard good things will happen regardless of what you do.
  17. I feel your pain man...I did 2 jobs for about a year while doing school.

    For about 3 months I worked 3 different jobs, I hated life every day but you gotta do what you gotta do
  18. hahaha you make 7.25 an hour? i would die.
  19. Renegade, It's called minimum wage dip shit. I would rather work at minimum wage then not work at all. We aren't all as lucky, so don't flatter yourself kid.

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